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17 February 2008



I'm in. Although with my kids, It's probably going to be limited to an afternoon...although, maybe Friday all day. Got to check with the daddy...
Thank you for this reminder!


What a brilliant and wonderful idea! Not only is it great to unplug and create but what a great idea to unplug and go outside and live life which I tend to forget about because I'm stuck to the computer or glued to the tv by getting out I'm reinspired and I have new photos, thoughts and ideas to create around.


Great idea! I will do this on Friday this week, I really need a distraction free day!

Tracy Schmitt

LOVE this idea and am definitely going to do it this week and enjoy just being creative. I am going to share this with the groups I belong to also and see if they would like to join me. Thanks!


I have to be plugged in everyday at work, but I can do this on Saturday the 23rd. All day. I will simply leave the laptop at home when we go to the tournament of Molly's team. I am excited about this.


I just love this idea, thank you so much Rebecca. Posting it on my blog too.


Rebecca - such a GREAT idea. The kids are off from school and towards the end of the week we are going to the in-laws house in Rhode Island. It always bothers me when we go away and the TV or computer comes on. I'm hoping to make one of those days unplugged days. Thanks for the inspiration!


Good idea...
I do so want to learn to solder jewelry...but alas..no one to teach in my area. I may just have to jump in on my own and try it.
Looking forward to seeing the fruits of the unplugged days around bloggyland.


That is an awesome idea. One I plan to institute with my own children. I'd be glad to play along with you this week!


This is a great idea. I'm taking tomorrow (Tuesday) as my day. Oh, where to start? It'll be fun to check back with everyone and see what was accomplished.
Such a great idea, Rebecca.


But I think I may have to use my sewing machine, which is electric.


ooooh, sounds like a wonderful challenge!
i agree with you whole-heartedly!
i have already kind of been staying away from "technology"

Rhonda Markham

"And the true realism, always and everywhere, is that of the poets: to find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all." -- Robert Louis Stevenson
Thanks for reminding us to seek our "joy".


Definitely I'm in! I'm going to pick two evenings since I'm on my PC all day at work. How about Wednesday and Thursday evenings? Sounds great.

Gabriela Delworth


I really love your work. Great talent and congrats! I sew you on Artful Blogging.
*I really love your digital frames, would you mine letting me know where to get them? Do you design them? Sell them?

Thank you so much.



Your challenge is so timely! This past month has been especially hard for me personally and the thought of "unplugging" for one day somehow resonates to my very core. Unplugging for me means a day of feeling less overwhelmed and being able to carve out a small space just for me. Thanks for the reminder that I need (if just for one day) to take the time to notice the small and seemingly insignificant things I tend to take for granted.


I am choosing Wednesday! (I need to use tomorrow to clean up my space-good suggestion) I have been meaning to set aside creating time but have never gotten around to it. Seems I spend all my time "picking up" or doing laundry. Cleaning house with 4 kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos, I just need to ignore the messiness and create.


I love it! I will choose Friday as our 'unplugged' day. My girls will love it and it will be really good for me too. Thanks Rebecca for the suggestion.


I am already excited to unplug! I had just been thinking I spend way too much time on the computer. Now it's time to get serious about turning it off! Hats off to you I need an extra push of motivation.....

All Moments Remembered

WOW you may have just changed our summers forever! What a neat idea and I so look forward to taking unplugged days! We always do unplugged dinners as a family but whole days will be new. Thanks for the inspriration for special family days!! You have a wonderful blog here glad I found it!

Shannon J

YOu have done it again, dear Rebecca! Made me realize what I have been feeling.... (I really DON'T want to answer that noise-making, ringing-till-my-head-pops-off thing!) So, I won't! ;) And I really need to finish the laundry instead of surfing... but I'm glad I stayed to find your post.
I take on the challenge... My day will be Thursday. I will have to clean today... it's such a mess.
I'll be catching ya later!



Great challenge!!! Unplugged will go hand-in-hand with my word for 2008...plunge!!! So here i go, thanks for the push!
Michele :)

melissa @ the inspired room

Great idea, Rebecca. I was just writing up a similar post with the same sentiments (I got so inspired to "disconnect" like Alexandra Stoddard said during Inspiration Week!) so I will definitely include this idea. I totally agree with all you said.
Thanks for the challenge!


Barbara Brandt


You have some wonderful ideas listed that sound so interesting and fun to do. Right now, I am trying to really get my creative space organized in such a way that I can find things more effectively. As well, I am trying to get some swaps done that I am behnd on and need to get done so I can get them on their way. Lastly, I have to take care of myself because I am chronically ill and many other conditions as a result of my major illnesses. My body is speaking to me everyday and telling me what it needs and I have to listen to it as well. So, I can't take on all you have listed above, but I can try to do the three I have listed as well as a Photo-A-Day for 365 days. Your site is going in my favorites so I can visit again and again.


~ Karen ~

You're wonderful. Your creativity and ideas are so refreshing. An unplugged day. Love it! I do it from time to time but didn't have a label for it. We're going to have to give it a try as a family. Think the most challenged would be my husband! Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration.

Tina Winkle

I need to start doing unplugged day!

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