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17 February 2008




This is a WONDERFUL idea. It's just kinda funny that I'm blog-surfing this afternoon. But I can do this. I think I'll take tomorrow's holiday as the day to work on the 5+ kits I have sitting in my scrapbooking room to be done!

Petra Carden

I unplugged for a week about a year or two ago and it was soooo nice and refreshing! I've been saying ever since that I want to do it again, but haven't made it happen. Maybe a day (or two) is a better - more reachable - goal. :)

Sara R.

Ok! As I've already agreed to be "plugged in" tomorrow...I'm choosing Tuesday as my day this week. And I'm in serious need of a day like this!


This is great! I will choose next Saturday the 23rd as my day - my husband is taking the kids skiing, so I will spend the day in the studio (and a bunch of stuff I have due will already be done), so I will just play!

Sharyn (Torm)

Oh! I'm totally game! I'm thinking Wednesday - the kids don't have school Monday and Tuesday so that would defeat my whole purpose. LOL But Wednesday...that might be just perfect.

Sharyn (Torm)

Oh! And soldering is great fun! I learned in time to make my brother's Christmas gift: http://sharyntormanen.typepad.com/be_good_/2007/12/christmas-eve-r.html#comments

I can't wait to have at it again!


This is AWESOMENESS Rebecca. I've been "unplugging" from my two message boards during the weekends for about a month and half now (my way of not getting frustrated while hubby is home during that time -I still go to what I consider my main blogs though). Will look to see what day is good for me this week. One of the things I bought yesterday was a copy of The Natural way to draw by Kimon Nicolaides (I went to a second-hand bookstore looking for vintage Irish and instead found this book plus a Sears,Roebuck and Co. 1900's Catalog and a rebound copy of The Oxford Book of English Verse...the inside pages are so old that when I breathe on them, they crumble), so i guess I've put that on my list of things to accomplish during my every day for the rest of the year.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady

Love this idea! I blogged about it and I'm planning on either Tuesday or Thursday. My challenge is that we use the internet for homeschool also but I really want to do this so I'm going to plan some different lessons for our unplugged day.

We may even make this a once a month event!

Alissa Millsap

what a wonderful, refreshing idea! i have been wanting to create something new, so i will be 'unplugging' on thursday. it will be fun to see what everyone has made on their 'unplug' day.


What a wonderful idea!!!! I am going to try this for myself and my Family!!

Beth Leintz

Excellent Excellent Idea- I've THOUGHT the same things- but never really committed to doing it. I think just seeing your ideas in writing is so helpful and CONCRETE. I'm going to take some of your ideas, write them in my date book for certain days and make an appointment with myself to GET IT DONE! Thanks for the jump start!

Dede Warren

How smart are you, I ask. You know just what we need, and that we need to be reminded as well. Thanks for passing along your good thoughts, and inspiration.


Great idea. I have been feeling like I am inspirationally overloaded lately. In other words, spending too much time looking at ideas and dreaming of creating, but not enough time creating! When my daughters we little we went TV free for nine years and we never got bored. (Well, almost never!) You'd think this would be an easy challenge for me, but it isn't. Gonna give it a try though...


Brilliant, Rebecca...

Saw you in the Dove of the East booth at CHA and just marvel at how cool you are.

Thanks for sharing...

Teresa ~ French Poppy

Perfect! I get distracted to very easy, that a day of reflecting, creating, and no plug-in items would be perfect! Tuesday is my day off--thanks Rebecca.



i love THIS idea. I am feeling so relieved and inspired after reading this. Tomorrow will be my unplugged day. Thanks Rebecca!

Alicia Sharp

This is an awesome idea! I so need to do this on Wednesday. I am going to see what all I can get done and will post on my blog. If I cannot use anything that plugs in that means no cooking or cleaning that day! Wanna try to explain that one to my DH? LOL! JK! Thanks for the idea!

Whitney Johnson

How fun! Sometimes, all I have to show at the end of a day - is folded laundry. Everytime, all I have to show at the end of a crafting session - is a lovely gift for someone else. I only recently (after continual prodding) began taking pictures of my projects. I just started a blog, and I have realized that I have nothing to show of my arts and crafts! I give it all away... On my "unplugged day" I will make something for myself to keep! :) And I will finally learn how to post pictures so I can share the event. Rebecca, you are my hero. Ha!


love it!

Jo-Anne TE RAA

So in on this one.....I just wish I didnt have to work too!!

I think I will choose tuesday to unplug.....mmmm now what to make...this is gonna be fun!!!


what a wonderful idea. I especially like to dream about an art gallery calling me to ask me to make an exhibit.

Sheila R

I absolutely love this idea!!! Now to look at my calendar and get a day... Maybe this weekend between the kids basketball games!


How specific are you about the no-plugs thing because lights have plugs as do stoves and refrigerators. :) I love this idea but I want to make sure I won't be starving or working in the dark. :-P

Trish D

This is a fabulous idea, and am hoping I can pull it off later this week. Thanks for the idea!

Sharyn (Torm)

I blogged and rallied a few more folks up to the challenge...this is a good one!

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