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07 January 2008



One of two things is happening here, either you are a mind reader or you read through my 2007 journal! Either way, you've summed up almost exactly the promises I made to myself on a mid-summers eve last year. I find peace, joy and creative inspiration when I live this way. All my very best to you Rebecca!

Maija Lepore

I'm with you on number 1!
Stay focused - you deserve to enjoy what you do!


I too would LOve to keep my space clean but find that the madness of my mess is when I create the best....(hey that kinds rhymes)
Always looking forward to your creations.... you are so right, we all need to enjoy doing what we do and not what is expected.. now that is True creativity.


THANK YOU for this wonderful blog entry. You could have taken the words out of my mouth. I love your work and have followed it from the early days -- I haven't gotten to stop in that frequently on your blog since I started scrapologie but now that I have closed the monthly kit club portion of the business -- I can finally breathe again. And you could have seriously written this blog entry for me. I connect with everything you are saying. Thanks for that,

Jennifer Stewart

I love your non-goals. :) Seems you are trying to do what I'm also doing..giving yourself some breathing room. Deadlines, pressures, full schedules..all of these things bog me down and make me not want to create anything at all. Creativity really has no room to squeeze in when our days and minds are completely full. I look forward to seeing what you do this year, as usual. :)



way to go rebecca
sounds so pure & refreshing.
enjoy your creative time refueling.
best wishes to you


Oh my goodness, now you made me sit down and think..I love your list, I can relate 100%. I think I need to just sit back and stay content, and just do what comes to my heart. Keep it real type thing. Thanks for your this post, very inspiring!



Thank you for another thought-provoking post, Rebecca. One of my creativity non-goals this year is that I will not hold myself to some imaginary standard of what art and crafting "should" be. Another one is I will not dismiss the value of the creative process, even when I dislike the outcome.



I love your blog and your creative style. I do miss your scrapbooking though as that is when I became a fan of your artwork. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone with the messy studio.... Happy new year!

Trish Kaiser

Your comments about the messy studio made me laugh out loud, boy is that ever me!! I seem to create best when I make the most mess and I am forever looking for my scissors and tripping over piles....so glad to know that my creative hero does the same!

I also love the part about not associating financial goals with creative ones, been there done that too. Nothing drains the authenticity and the joy out faster.

Thanks for the inspiring post.


I agree with your idea of just "be-ing". I try so hard with my job and my creating, sometimes I wonder if it just something I've seen in a magazine or in another person, or is it really me that is being expressed? I want to really BE this year - the real me - creatively and otherwise. Thanks for the inspiration!
PS I do agree with Terri - I miss your scrapbooking - my scrapbooking became more "real" when I was influenced by your books.

Shirley Fyfe

Thank-you for such a wonderful blog post Rebecca . . . after giving so much of myself for the past 7 years to local organisations in a voluntary capacity - I am taking back some time for me this year - time for my creative self, time to spend with my family or in preparing family activities (ie. our home, meals, etc) and above all - time to do whatever I want when I want. I still intend to be involved with my volunteer work at the Primary School BUT I'm putting 'ME' first this year . . . it might sound a little selfish to some BUT I've given so much already and I just really need this . . . thanks once again . . . I do enjoy checking in on a daily basis with you (even if I don't always have the time to leave a comment)

Christine Candora-Hickey

While I have not written down my non-goals, I recite them in my mind every day. This year I plan to not compare my art with others, find ways to keep quiet my inner critic, and learn to be happy with the process rather than a finished product. These points have been a real struggle for me in the past and I hope that I can get a handle on them this year.


I have to admit, it's a little scary that you posted this today, because just this morning in my journal, I entered my intentions for 2008. They are:

1. Keep the focus on doing The Next Right Thing (I figure a culmination of little "right" steps will keep me going in a good direction, and help me accomplish what I want this year.

2. Give myself some credit (I am so incredibly hard on myself... this year I want to make sure to take the time to both recognize and enjoy my accomplishments)

3. Connect. (I've put important friendships on the back burner this past year as I've worked to get my own interior design business up and running... and have realized that was a huge mistake)

4. Let go & let God. (This one's just all about trust -- and trying not to worry so much. Oh I am a very, very good worrier...)

I think that your non-goals sound wonderful, and I wish you all the happiness in the world accomplishing them! :-)


love that idea of non goals!! Mine is definitely not to worry if the housework needs doing before I can have time to be creative1:)


So TOTALLY love your first non-goal!!! I think I will adopt that one, too.



Hi Rebecca,

My one big 'non-goal' this year is to get myself out of the habit of always judging the products of my own creativity against what I see in industry magazines and on-line, etc. I have been in a state of inertia for quite a while because I am always looking for ideas from other people instead of exploring my own ideas. I have been caught up in entering contests and being completely discouraged when no recognition comes my way. A few days ago, I sat on the floor and surrounded myself with my scrapbook pages and art journal pages, stitching and quilting projects and I was lost for the whole evening, reliving the memories of simply putting things together. I discovered that I like what I make and it doesn't really matter if what I make is recognized only by the people I love as a tribute to them.

I really enjoy reading your blog and your book (I missed the first book but am continually on the lookout for a copy) and seeing your artwork that seems to spring from your love for God and your family. Thanks for sharing.



Non goals... love it!
I will not strive to please others at the expense of my own well-being or my family's well-being.

I will not allow difficulties to color my life...
I will, instead, embrace my life... my situation... my struggles... learn from them... grow from them...

Thanks! So many great things to think about!


You got it, girl! After perfectionism nearly ruining my enjoyment of scrapbooking and other creative arts, my non-goal is to simply have fun again and to create from my heart.


you see, this kind of entry is exactly why I listed you in my inspirations for 2008 on my blog recently - you knock me out every time, through what you say or what you create.

I actually really like the idea of creating with purpose - really getting the message across that you want to express. While I like the concept of art for art's sake, I sometimes wonder if we differentiate enough between art with meaning and art for showing/selling. I totally understand the place you are coming from on this, and it takes the pressure off to be constantly creating for no reason. There is nothing wrong with creating because you feel like doing so, but sometimes I think people think they HAVE to do that.

Mother Earth

it's always about making more money here, with a crash of a year behind me it's about working smarter

three things:

work affiliate relationships harder/ it's just smart

business is not business - business is personal - i am a get in the personal trenches person

I am wearing a new hat - a blog author hat -i have enjoyed writing so much I've decided to bring voice to those who want to blog but can't write - feels all wiggly when i say it, but i am excited

and the more we declare it --- right??

rebecca I visit you very often as I enjoy the beauty you share

Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan

Alicia Sharp

I made resolutions this year and so far I am sticking with them. They are mostly scrappy goals but I made them to where I knew I could accomplish them as to not let myself down. So far I am off to a good start but hey, it's only been 7 days! LOL!!


I agree with the above Jill!! And, I love the non goals idea!

Since I started Rose Petal Betty everyone has an opinion on what I should do next... What I should add... What I should come up with.... Then I get all uptight and start thinking, oh, ya, I've got to do that and that and that.

But my goals are not more + bigger, etc. My goal is to enjoy my life with my kids and my husband and to have a great creative outlet.

Thank you for the reminder that I can have un-goals if I want!! :)


To just be for a while. To relax in my creative skin and roll with it.

yes, that is my word for this year....be.

whoever, whatever God wants...to BE his clay!!
and oh, to be in the Hands of the Father...that is what i desire.
*hugs* to you!
have a great day!


You hit that one right out of the park, my dear. SO with you all the way. I will not try to be one of the Stepford wives in my pretty little neighborhood. I've been just me for 46 years, why do I keep trying to change?

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