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05 November 2007



I can't believe I'm the first one to post! Or maybe it's because I'm the ONLY one not going to Silver Bella. boo hoo. Sweet Rebecca, I would cherish a piece of your artwork. xo


Aren't you so sweet ~ to think of the rest of us and to be generous with your beautiful work. Yes, please, add my name to the drawing! Meanwhile, I'm holding a good thought for you as you make all of your final preparations.

Stephanie Bates

I would also cherish a piece of Sower artwork!

Jessica Nole

this piece is absolutely beautiful, as is all of the artwork you create. Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella!- someday I hope to be able to attend.

Michelle Gauthier

I hope you have a wonderful time at Silver Bella! And I'll be looking forward to new additions to the Etsy shop. :)


You are going to be there with my sweet friends Becky and Kerry Lynn! I'm so jealous :) I'm dying to get out to Silver Bella one year. And also for a piece of your work.

Kristen B.

Happy Monday! Have been a fan from very early on. So miss your column in CK!

Grace Palazzolo

Glitzy Fun! Lucky Girlz! Have a Blast but I have a feeling you definately will sell out! "YOU ARE LOVED"!!!!!

Louise Murr

Love all that you do Rebecca....you are so inspiring...



Hope you have a great time:) Take lots of pics! I look forward to hearing all about it!


Joan Fowler

If only I lived closed - I'd be there with bells on. For now winning this give-away would be second best.

Jessica Hood

ooh...i'd love to win that beautiful piece!


that is really beautiful! Silver Bella looks like fun. Can't wait to see more inspiring photos!

Jennifer Wallac

Thank you for all your gentle and beautiful work. Have a great week.


Beautiful as always. Would love to attend Silver Bella someday!!


Wish I was going! Your piece looks beautiful!


Kim Hacking

I love that quote. Good luck this week. Wish I were going to Silver Bella also.

Cindy Bentley

You are so sweet Rebecca - and I LOVE your blog. Thank you for your daily inspiration you share with us.


Wish I could attend the Ball! Enjoy and thanks for the opportunity and inspiration!


How generous of you to remember those who can't attend THE EVENT! I'll make it one year! Mr. Roger's quote is lovely. Thanks for sharing. May you and all who attend have a blessed BELLA! - Amy B

Sharon Mankin

Through a series of steps, I was led to your blog. Mouth agape, eyes brimmed with tears, I absorbed the blessing that is your gift~
Eyes to see and hands to display the sweet earthly gifts of our loving Father. What a way to display His glory!
touched and inspired... Sharon Mankin

Patty S

so beautiful!
hope you have a good time!
patty :-)

Annette Rousso

Beautiful, love your blog...so inspiring! So wish I was going to Silver Bella...we need one in California!!!


oh how I wish I could be at Silver Bella to meet you. You inspire me daily with your blog and remind me to be thankful for all the little blessings in my life


I'm willing to bet you don't bring anything home to put on etsy! Have a lovely trip...

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