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29 October 2007



I think you are too hard on yourself. You are an amazing, unique, beautiful woman! Whatever you do will be perfect. So relax and enjoy yourself while you finish getting ready this week. Have a great time!

Jennifer Stewart

Rebecca, it's ALL about quality, not quantity. I plan on cleaning out your table anyway. :D Can't wait to meet you!

(and I hope it's ok...I linked this post and photo on my blog. It made me drool)


Those ribbons are so beautiful. Velvet & Christmas are a perfect combination in my world. And they go so beautifully with the Emily Dickinson line. I could read her all day too.

Thanks for the pretties & the inspiration!

Alicia Sharp

You make beautiful work and you are just as good as anyone else! People would kill to own a piece of your art! Don't be nervous and I know your stuff will sell out! Good luck and God Bless!


I love the velvet ribbons and buttons. So vintage looking. I'll be on the lookout for the Somerset article. Have a nice day.


You're items are going to be one of the major hits of the sale, I just know it! And I fell completely in love with your mirror projects and plan to order some from you soon. Your large beveled mirror project is amazing ~ thank you for sharing!

Sheila R

You are too critical of yourself! You are an absolutely amazing artist, and incredible, inspiring woman that God shines through. I wish I could be one of the shoppers at Silver Bella, as I would love to have one of your originals! Good luck!

Leah C

From what you've shown us through your "sneak peeks", your wares will be the finest at Silver Bella. Absolutely gorgeous! And I just received the "acid-washed" mirrors from your etsy shoppe...they
are so lovely and I can't wait to create a work of "heart"!


I can not wait to see what you have to offer at Silver Bella! The sneak peeks have been amazing and each time I check your Etsy site, I keep telling myself "be patient, Omaha is right around the corner!"


Oh, your secret chemical sounds awesome!! I sand and sand and sand until my arm is numb to remove that stuff.
AND, furthermore, I have been think thinking the very same thing you have in re: vendor night! Your work is beautiful and it will be very well received. It's amazing!


Oh my goodness! How can you even think, for one second, that you don't belong amongst the other vendors? You're absolutely brilliant and I know you'll sell everything you bring! I wish I could be one of the lucky shoppers! Have a safe trip!


I am a new visitor to your blog and have enjoyed it very much. Your wares look very sweet to me! Good luck with your venture.



I am always amazed at how much we have in common! I, too, really enjoy Emily Dickinson's poetry. One of my favorite assignments in a college English class was to write a poem ED style. I still have it! :) And have fun at Silver Bella! I was able to sell my registration which was good on the one hand, but I'll sure miss meeting you and spending time with so many crafty ladies!


Such gorgeous colors and can't wait to see that issue.


What a genius phrase that is - must dig out my college texts and find an Emily Dickinson to read. I only wish I had the chance to visit the Bella event...you silly, you will so fit in there! I will just have to live vicariously...

Kimberly Kwan

oh Rebecca! we can't wait to see your gorgeous hadncrafted wares, and better yet, we can't wait to spend an artful weekend soaking up your warmth!

safe travels and we'll see you VERY soon!

Raised In Cotton

Hi Rebecca~Your things are truly beautiful! I am a vendor too and am a little nervous about participating in such a creative event. I am looking forward to taking one of your classes and meeting you.


Sandra Evertson

I Love the mirror piece featured in Somerset Studio this month!
Sandra Evertson

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