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31 October 2007



have a wonderful birthday Luke!!


What a handsome young man! !0 year old boys are awesome.... I spend everyday with a classroom full of them! Happy Birthday Luke! And Happy Birthday Mama!


Happy Birthday Luke!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

What a sweet tribute! I have 3 boys -- I know what you mean. :-) He's a handsome young man and I hope you all have a special time celebrating his coming into the world.


Happy Birthday Luke!! what a handsome little man. keep enjoying every minute of him.


sure is a mighty cute fella ya got there!!
happy birthday luke

Alicia Sharp

Happy Birthday Luke!!!!!! Have a great one!


What a cutie! Happy Birthday Luke!

liz elayne

i love the title of this post!

happy birthday Luke!


O I love that post! Hapy birthday to your son. He is a cutie!


Happy Birthday and many more adventures, Luke!



Happy Birthday, Luke! I feel like I know you -- having followed your growing up over the years through your mom's amazing scrapbook pages. Have the best year yet -- and enjoy the adventure, too!

Shirley Fyfe

What a wonderful tribute to your son Rebecca! Happy Birthday Luke - may your day and the year ahead be filled with fun and adventure plenty!


Okay, this made me laugh out loud: "Apparently there was a time, when God thought my life, was just a little too dull". Can I steal that phrase?!?! :)

Happy birthday Luke!!!!!!!!!


Many blessinge to you and your "blessing" today. And what a great photo!


handsome boy!!! Happy Birthday!!

Leah C

Happy Birthday Luke! Enjoy being 10:)

The Parkers

Happy Birthday, Luke! Enjoy this decade as much as you did your first! We miss you.

tracy whitney

Best wishes for Luke's birthday! Double digits - woo hoo!


so handsome! such a blessed family!
happy birthday, LUKE!
xoxo, blessings


so handsome! such a blessed family!
happy birthday, LUKE!
xoxo, blessings


so handsome! such a blessed family!
happy birthday, LUKE!
xoxo, blessings

Jann Saulsberry

Oh Rebecca....what an absolutely fantastic picture of him...and you said it so well -- what an adventure we begin when boys come into our lives...of course girls are another kind of adventure all together -- so glad you are enjoying the process of both.

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Susan Gilman

Goodness you make some beautiful people! Your photos of your son and daughter are so lovely....breathtaking.

Leslie M

Such a beautiful thought Rebecca. Stunning boy. I have two sons, and I feel this way about both of them. One of them is a model child -- married, expecting a child, successful in all he does, and the other struggles with his addictions. I love each as hard as I am able.

I'm copying this.

Happy birthday Luke!

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