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17 September 2007



I love the photo glimpse! Looks really cool!!! :)


I thought of you the other day - I was at my local Goodwill store and picked up a book, "Familiar Quotations." The title page is gone, but after reading the preface, I belive it was published in 1947. This is a huge book (almost 2000 pp.)It has been so much fun skimming through it. I just had to tell you about it because I always enjoy your quotes that you use on your blog and in your work.

"Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun." Another great quote from Emerson.


So intriguing! Love the sneaky-peek here!


Oh my, even that little bit of your sneak peek is beautiful!!


'Just wanted to say that I received my Bingo Journal in the mail and I LOVE IT. It's just gorgeous, so thoughtfully and carefully assembled and wrapped... it is a treasure. Thank you so much. - - Melissa :-)


I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your blog about your daughter, who is growing up and out. There are so many times that I want to tell mine to stop! and give me a chance to catch up. She never does. I told a friend with a new baby one time that from their very first breath you're teaching them to live without you. Maybe what we're really doing is readying ourselves to live without them. Sarrah's (my daughter's) return to school this year has really been hard. My house is quiet and I miss how she filled my summer days. I hope to learn to be in the moment more--something I struggle with. Sometimes I get it right and there's this feeling that I'm right where I should be. Anyway, I meant to comment on your last blog but didn't. Sorry for the rambling. Have a great week!


Such a sweet sneak peek! and love the quote.


Oh how I wish I was going to Silver Bella...you're sneak peek looks wonderful with the velvety colors.


looks beautiful Rebecca. Just wanted to say "hi" as I pop by fairly often and rarely leave comments. Today I wanted to.



Fantastic Quote...I'm equally busy...so glad for the great inspiration on a great day!!! THANKS!


all your crafty projects are so comforting to look at!

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