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12 September 2007


~ Karen ~

You do realize you will now be quoted with that 'ordinary' line. :o) I know exactly what you mean by 'yawn'. Thanks for bringing such joy into my life with your talents.

Sheila R

I too am a mother and my first born with be turning 13 in 2 weeks. We have given her wings to fly and all I want to do is hold on to her tight. Thank you for sharing yourself, your thought provoking quotes and your talents.

Andi M

I am in the exact same spot as you with my oldest turning 16 in two weeks. I also share the same sentiments. I really like my son and will miss him being with us on a regular basis, although he has already begun his flight of independence.


my eyes filled with tears reading your post...even though my oldest is only four, i am already feeling the anticipation of what my mom must have felt when i left home...it doesn't help that i just went through all her baby clothes in preparation for our new baby and that my two-year old little boy just moved into his big boy bed!

but thank you for the reminder to not yawn through these precious moments!

Jann Saulsberry

Oh Rebecca -- I wish I could give you a hug. Our 17 year old is a senior in high school this year -- and he seems so "grown up." When did they grow up on us -- it seems like just yesterday he would lay down on the couch, put his feet in my lap and read a book...now those feet are always headed "somewhere." It is exactly what we want for them...and exactly NOT what we want for ourselves! *smile* I am trying to absorb all the moments I can...knowing, praying that everyday will bring new things -- because things DO change...remember when they were babies and their feet smelled sooooo good? Now -- he can pretty much keep his feet to himself cause they aren't smellin' like babies feet! Ha! Oh well...I think it is our soft hearts that allow us to feel great joy in their achievement -- but at the cost of some pain when they achieve the very thing we have worked so hard for -- independence.

Hugs to you...glad you are soaking it up!


Wow! It's hard to believe your oldest is 16 already! I feel as if I've watched your precious kiddos grow up in your work which has been so fun.

sarah the kiwigirl

My oldest daughter is 12 and I treasure our times curled up on the couch together just hugging and chatting as I know it wont be long before she will rather be hugging a boy than me, she will rather be spending a saturday night with her friends than me, and our yearly girls week holidays together just her and I doing girly things won't happen like they have been. We have been doing this for a while now finding a place here in New Zealand that we haven't been to and off we go, we have had some fantastic adventures together and it has been an awesome way to bond even more...


I truly pay attention to this extra special time in my life, while my kiddos are between the ages of 9-12. Our family life is so rich and rewarding. I know that these moments are fleeting, so while I live in the moment, I try to tuck moments away in the back of my brain, for those days ahead when I'll need them most. A girl always needs her Momma though. Always.


My eyes are wet now as my oldest will be 16 in October and I do think often that our little family of 4 will not be the same in a few months when she leaves for college! Thanks for inspiring us think about the extraordinary things of life!


so beautiful.
i have gotten a small taste of that with my oldest starting highschool this year...so busy with friends & her social life. this is a great fun age when we can really enjoy them, before they go...
sniff sniff for sure.


My 17yo DD is also a Sr. this year. I look at her, the one who just yesterday I was teaching to tie her shoes... and now she craves the freedom that an old car gives her on occasion. I see how ready, and now not ready she is - how ready and how not ready I am - for her to break free from under my loving, protective wing. I don't know how I will ever adjust to her living somewhere besides with me. I guess that I'd better get ready to find out. :(

((((HUGS)))) as we approach this new chapter together...

Nicole Steele

Wow, I can't believe I'm reading your comments tonight of all nights...tonight was Bath Night in our home and as I was wrapping it all up and tucking them into bed, I sighed, wondering, "Will there ever be a night again where no one cries? Will there ever be a night where I don't spend 2 hours bathing, combing, dressing, brushing teeth, reading stories, getting drinks and dolls and blankies, packing lunches, etc. etc.?" Tonight I was feeling SO READY for it all to be done, for them to be independent so my husband and I could actually acknowledge each others' existence, so that I wouldn't feel like sleeping at 8pm when I tuck the three little ones in bed.

So thanks for your post. It was a good kick in the rear to count my blessings RIGHT NOW. They are here, they are safe, and they are mine for at least 10 more years! (The girls are 6, 4, and 2).


I'm in the same boat for the most part as you are when it comes to our 16 year old daughters! I know she'll get extra hugs and kisses from you these days, and she'll *always* be your baby girl.


"Moments become days and days become years and I am ashamed of myself for all the moments I just existed and got through . . . none of them should be ordinary."

I so hear you on this one. Sooner than you think...they are all gone...and you wonder where those moments went.

Treasure each one.


Doesn't it make your heart so full, though, to see what a wonderful creation you have brought into this world and helped to mold so beautifully over these past 16 years? Think about how much light shines out into the world through her... pretty amazing, isn't it? It is light that is meant to be shared and will be enjoyed and treasured by all who know her.


Incidentally, I'm thirty now...and though my parents nurtured me to grow strong wings, in the end I flew back to be near them! :) My hubby and I live only a few hours away, and I spend lots of time with my mom (and dad) and I'm so glad. I bet the same will hold true for you. Dad says it's been so much getting to know the adults we are all becoming...and that he thought hte growing up in our house was the best until he got to do this part.


Something tells me that she will stay close to you always....where she will most want to be when she can't, where she will always be herself when she can. She must be a wonderful child- those wings do unfold in such exquisite ways. Delight, yes? xoC

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I know exactly how you feel and I have repeatedly blogged about all this. We start college visits on the 22 of this month and I am excited and scared and emotional. My Molly and Abby are so special to me and I can feel them both starting to pull those roots out of the ground in my heart in order to transplant themselves somewhere else.

have a beautiful day.

Rhonda Steed

It seems so far away to me since my kids are only almost 2 and almost 5. But I know it will come one day. I hope I am giving them wings.


thanks for that! Good to remeber when I am stressed out with four littel ones! :) Love the journal I must make more little books


Someone once told me that when our little toddlers take their first steps towards us, with our out-stretched waiting arms, that while their walking towards us, in reality it's their fist step in walking away. our oldest turned 19 this summer....oh, how i still remember those fist steps....


My road to motherhood was a painful one, but ultimately gifted me and my husband a wonderful 2-year-old boy through the gift of adoption. An incredibly difficult act by an unselfish woman gave us this joy I am so unworthy of! This thought is never far from my mind when I'm changing his diaper or listen to his babble, or sitting him on the stairs for a timeout. Whenever I'm tempted to look to what lies ahead (fun stuff like when he can talk and we can play board games, etc), I remember that those new things mean the loss of other special times that I will miss. I believe more and more everyday this fact: if we can be content with where we are now and what we have now, we will always be content with where we are and what we have.


beautiful reminder; and i thank
you for that!

suzi finer

Sowerly superdeedooper (of course)...hope you're doing just fine...doing finer here! love to you.


You brought tears to my eyes today. Maybe I'm a little hormonal but mostly dealing with the same thoughts at our house. You did a great job of writing down how I've been feeling. Mine is turning 15 so I have a little more control over when she go since I have to do the driving, but missing her when she is gone all the same. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart. You are not alone!

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