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07 September 2007



Golly! I have my mom's honeymoon travel luggage from 1958 and there is a piece very similar to that. What a terrific idea, thanks! ;)

Alicia Sharp

Well it looks like I was a day late and a dollar short AGAIN! I want one of those journals and cannot seem to make it on time! We could not possibly be mad at you cause everyone wants your journal! We will just have to wait our turn and I know they are worth waiting on! Love the vintage case! So awesome just like you!;)


So sad you are not shipping oversea for your etsy shop. I like so much what you have in there :-(


that's a great idea... i keep books and magazines in the car, but not craft projects. hmmm... might have to go shopping :)

lori jolley

I love your vintage suitcase and the treasures inside! Your work is so beautiful!


Love the journals! And your traveling suitcase.... fabulous!!! The yummies inside are just such fun!


that vintage suitcase is a clever idea - you have inspired me to get one too! thanks for sharing you :)

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I alway carry some sort of project with me. I am the mommy who sits and crochets or quilts through the game. It is amazing to see how much we can get done in those tiny snips of wait time. I blog about this idea often.

Loving that your journals are flying off the "shelf" so to speak.


i need a little suitcase just so i can carry a laptop computer b/c my "creating" happens when i write. too bad they don't make laptop bags that cute!


Oh. My. NERVES! What a great idea! I have one of these!! And it's just sitting in my guest room, looking cute. But this is so much better. I'm doing this as soon as I get home tonight! ;)


What a glorious idea!! I've never thought about packing a few craft supplies in a suitcase to carry with me! I always have a journal and I tend to make lists and sketches when I'm waiting...but this is a new and lovely twist! FABULOUS!

Sue B

I love the suitcase idea and I just happen to have one on my garage that belonged to my PA, so I might do the smae thing, I have often thought I need something to do while filling in time , waiting! I would love to buy a journal but you don't send to Australia. Please send to Australia, we're not that far away any more!!


Bonjour Rebecca !!
Wowww !! love love love that vintage suitcase ! and ...i can see i'm not the only one to think of those things !!! :)
i might be a normal person after all hey ?? ;)


I love your blog and your designs.

Jenn Tan

lovin that vintage suitcase of yours.... and such wonderful idea

Sandra Ludwig

I saw the story you wrote for "Handcrafted" magazine (Somerset) and am inspired to find a train case for my own traveling companion.

My mom used to have a little blue case that belonged to my grandma, but it's long gone. I'm grateful there are still some available on ebay, etsy, etc.

Bets wishes to you!

P.S. I just sent you an e-mail re: bingo card journals.

Sandra Ludwig

I just won a little train case on ebay and I'm so excited! Sent you an e-mail yesterday--do you still make the bingo card journals? Please let me know. Thanks!

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