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07 September 2007


Sheila R

What a fabulous idea! I absolutely love it! I will definitely be preparing my travel companion this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!


Love the little case...and all the treasures inside.


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a journal!!! I have been THE BIGGEST fan since BEFORE I met you @ CKU/Orlando... and I even came up with a class curriculum based on your 2nd book... SO EXCITED that I'll own a RS Original. Thanks so much for making these - I opened your blog at 2:55pm EST today; what luck! :-> Blessings to you and yours and a great weekend!

Jessica Hood

what a fabulous idea! i'll take one, please. :)

Jessica Hood

what a fabulous idea! i'll take one, please. :)

Pearl Maple

Your travelling companion is gorgeously creative. Time management experts have always said to keep a bag of things to do with you during those spare moments, which for some of us is junk mail sorting or knitting, somehow yours is looking a lot more fun.

Pearl Maple

Your travelling companion is gorgeously creative. Time management experts have always said to keep a bag of things to do with you during those spare moments, which for some of us is junk mail sorting or knitting, somehow yours is looking a lot more fun.


Thank you, Rebecca for making more Bingo journal and I was lucky enough to have bought one before it disappeared. I really love your scrapbooking style and I will treasure this journal forever because it was handmade by you.

Amber Benton

Sadly enough, I am a ridicuously poor college student, but I wanted to let you know that those journals are really pretty...I'm sure I'm going to miss out this time around, but maybe one day I'll be able to get one! I hope no one ever gets mad at you for being so wildly popular that everything sells out of your etsy shoppe at such an incredibly rapid pace! =) Have a wonderful day, Mrs. Sower!


I promise I am not angry with you....I just got home and decided to check your blog. Yeah! More journals in the shoppe....get there and there is one left. I'm thinking I shouldn't spend the money, but I love that journal! I IM my hubby to have him look at it and guess what? It sold - just like that - in the two minutes I was using to contemplate a purchase. LOL! Amazing!

Love your suitcase, by the way. What a great idea to carry it with you. Imagine the things I could get done just waiting in the car rider line!


your traveling companion is simply lovely. and i will look forward to the bingo journals, round three!


Love your suitcase! I carry a basket with me for the same purpoase! It really is a nice way to pass time, because having my hands idle is way to challenging!

And PLEEEEEEASE make more journals! I am so bummed that this week has been really hectic and I did not get to check your blog till after both sets sold out. What a treasure! Who could ever be angry with you? But I do have to say, that was pretty funny how you said "they're just journals". :-) Keeping it all in perspective!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to own a piece of your art... I will try to stay on my toes from here on out! :-)

Jessica Nole

That is brilliant! This makes me want to put a little something together for myself right now. Keeping your hands busy must make the time go by much faster.


That is really fun! It's so adorable and very industrious of you. I always like to keep my hands busy as well, but my projects tend to be too big for a suitcase. I'll have to find a smaller project - perhaps I'll pick up my crochet hook again.

I predict a run on thrift store vintage overnight suitcases!


Hi Rebecca,

I love your vintage suitcase and all the things that you handcraft are so creative and gorgeous. I happened to be home with my kids today because their school closed early this morning because we had no power. Luckily, I was checking your blog after lunch and saw that you had more of those gorgeous Bingo journals. I made sure to check back when you said they were up in your shoppe and indulged. This was my first etsy purchase.. I'm soooooooooo very excited to be getting a handcrafted treasure from you. I've admired your work and scrapbooking for many years now. I just love your vintage style. Your studio pictures in the past have inspired me on how to decorate my own craft room... Thank you for your inspiration..

wendy treseder

Fabulous Idea! Way more practical than a boring old first aid kit. :)


Please start a round three for your bingo journal - I lost out both times!! When do you think they'll become available?? Love your work!! ~Cathy


What a cool little traveling companion you have created for yourself! Love it!

And even though I haven't been lucky enough (and fast enough) to make it to your etsy shop in time to snag one of your lovely Bingo card journals, I did make a MAJOR score of dozens and dozens of bingo cards at a garage sale last weekend... the whole lot for $1!!! So if you run out of vintage Bingo cards, let me know, and I will send you more!

Dana Smith

We are putting a brand new kitchen in and the workers have been here nonstop for 2 days. I was dealing today with missing appliances and Zodiac installers. I missed your Journal today......so please......please.......please make more!
Journal-less in Virginia

Cindy (JunqueArt)

Love, Love, Love the suitcase idea! May have to do that myself for baseball/softball practices. And boohoo I missed out on the bingo journal...they are so cute!


I missed out too... Why not do a tutorial and then we could make our own with you as our inspiration.


a saturday afternoon listing? what?
you threw all your regualars a curve ball!!
just teasin...
yes they are only journals but they are rebecca sower originals so you know we all must have one but sniff sniff...i was busy in my ballet carpool & missed it!


Love your traveling companion. I really need to do something like that!!


what a lovely idea...the vintage suitcase makes it even more charming and enjoyable...I'd love to end up next to you in "waiting mode" to watch you create!! You inspire me every time I stop in to check your blog. thanks for sharing....I just am SO SAD I MISSED OUT ON THE BINGO CARD JOURNALS!! I must be more diligent in my STALKING!



Kindred spirits are we! I have a thrifted vintage train case traveling companion. I primarily use it to carry cardmaking supplies. The cosmetic tray is perfect for inks, blender pens, brushes and such, and the little mirror is ideal for making sure I don't have any ink smudges on my nose! :)

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