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05 September 2007



it is always a delight when the mailman pulls in the drive way & knocks on my side door to hand me a package too large for the mailbox!
what fun!
look forward to seeing your silver bella kits...hope you share with those of us unfortunate souls who can't attend!!


Mail packages are so fun, especially when they're a surprise, huh? Carolyn sounds super sweet. :)

That silver bella sneak peak looks awesome... I'm loving that paper! :)


Wonderful Bingo journals! Definitely want to be doing some early Christmas shopping... but when I went to your etsy shop, they weren't there :-(... maybe a technology glitch?


Wow! I've been checking your Etsy shop ever since you posted with your journal give away. I was so excited when I saw your post today about having some available. Well, they are gone! Someone did some quick shopping! I peaked around in the "sold" items and they looked wonderful. You do incredible work.

Alicia Sharp

I really wanted one of your Bingo journals but they are already gone! I hope you will make more and I get one next time! Those sure were georgous!!

Tracy Whitney

There's something about getting a special letter or package in the mail that makes me feel like a giddy girl. Enjoy!

Leah C.

I, too, checked your etsy shop as soon as I saw your post...early in the morning. To my dismay, they were gone! Like hot cakes!
Hope I have better luck next time...have a wonderful day!

Carolyn Peeler

Thanks so much for the mention Rebecca. Glad you enjoyed the treats!
Have a nice day.

suzi finer

I-Love 'em
N-Need more

Pearl Maple

Only recently discovered your blog space and totally blown away with the wonderful creativity you freely share with everyone.

That St Francis prayer is one of my favourites. Such a great idea to set up a gallery to share the words that inspire.


can't wait to see more bingo journals...they are just wonderful!


oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes on my blog :) made my day!

Lisa C.

Wow, they went fast. I was hoping to be able to get one...your work is so fun and simply amazing! Any chance there will be more? Maybe instructions and supply list? Maybe a kit? Thanks again for the inspiration!


Now THAT'S the sort of package I love to find in my mailbox as well!! I can't wait to see your Silver Bella sneak peeks or better yet, see them in person. :-)


Oh, you are sneaky. What an etsy bitsy snippet! I'm enrolled in the Life/collage, and I am excited beyond words. Can't wait. Carol


rebecca - yes the bingo journal is very clever and i would like to be added to the list if you have one started. otherwise i will check back to see if you've made more.
the goodies you received in the mail are delightful what a wonderful surprise.

take care,

Wendy Wvg

Rebecca.... I started my new job on Wednesday this week. The same day Charlie, my 5 year old(oldest) started Kindergarten! I havn't had time to read a blog, visit etsy, even chk my bank acct! ha ha ha ha.... I am lost and very overwhelmed by my new position and of course, excited all at once! I'm sad that I missed the bingo books in your etsy shop and look forward to more being posted! I actually made myself a post it note to chk your etsy shop every day to get one!!!! They are so beautiful.
Thanks for the lovely posts. I've had a great morning coming in early to read them. Happy Friday. Have a great wknd. Congrats on the rain too. I know you mentioned that you guys were having a draught this summer.
Take care..bless your heart for being so real!! Wendy


Rebecca, everything you touch becomes beautiful. I love the journals, and your art work is fabulous! I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life!

jackie peters

I always feel inspired when I read your blog. You are so positive and inspirational that it makes me feel good and ready to get creating. One of these days I would love to be in the right place at the right time to take a class from you. Thank you

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