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03 September 2007



As the Mom of 3 boys, I totally get this! I've sat through football, basketball, baseball, swim meets, tennis and cross-country. In all sorts of weather. Loved it all!


My son played club soccer for years. My daughter club volleyball. Our lives (and money)revolved around their sports. Traveling out of state, spending weeekends holidays and most weeknights with the team. The teams become your extended family. When both kids made decision to leave club sports,(lots of politics and BS)it was a bitter sweet moment. Looking back on those times I wouldn't trade it for a minute. My kids gained so many life lessons


After 2 daughters & a grandaughter, I love my tough little buddy. He's playing football in our youth football program. Last year he was really intimidated(he's 9), but first game this year, he made a tackle & his name was announced. Proud Gran - it's fun being his Gran!


Justice is starting to talk about football, but he wants to wait until he can tackle... flag football just doesn't sound as much fun to him. Boys!!! So for this year, he's *just* going to play basketball and soccer. {sigh}


...i can't believe your baby is old enough for FOOTBALL!!...i still remember the photos of him asleep on the kitchen floor and with peanut butter and jelly all over his little smile....oh well, i haven't been able to keep mine from growing up either!!...P.s. i love that you change your 'banner' all the time...pretty.


he sounds like my brothers when they were younger...always ready for the next season :)


i always loved watching my younger brother play all the sports too. now i get the pleasure of my hubby coaching & watching my daughters cheer....such fun -rec ball!
your son is such a handsome young fella & i'm sure must be a sweet boy too!


Here's to more years of sitting through more games in every season....my suggestion is to buy yourself a nice, portable, comfy chair...a very large umbrella, and/or a nice cushion for bleachers. You're going to need them.
Dawn @ (4:53am)
mom of three sons


I hear ya~ my 14 year old is crazy for basketball, soccer, basketball, bmx, and now motorcross, and she's a pitcher for her softball team this year. I feel like all I do is go from one game to the next to a practice, and on and on. But she's wanted a ball in her hands from the time she could sit up, so at least she's happy.


What is it that attracts some of us to sports and not others? Who knows. But I do so enjoy watching all kinds of sports (I had brothers and watched LOTS of it growing up). I can turn around, though, and get thoroughly engrossed in Pride and Prejudice or my scrapbooking mags, get cooking like crazy in the kitchen, and do all the domestic things I enjoy....

Sheila R

Sounds like me son...whatever season it is it is time for another sport! I don't understand it either, but I love watching him play!

Laura B.

I *LOVE* my three little boys. The oldest is just now getting old enough to play PeeWee sports. My husband and I don't like baseball or soccer, but there is something mesmerizing about watching your beautiful little boy playing a sport and playing it well and enjoying it. Boys are so special.

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