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10 August 2007


Wendy WVG

Rebecca...the book in your last post looks interesting. I need a good summer read that is easy to put down and come back to. I did purchase the Memory Keepers Daughter but w/two little ones at home (Charlie 5, Lorelai 4) it's hard to really get into a book. I never want to shush them away becuase I want to read because it seems each morning they are way older than the day before! Or may it's just me getting older. ha ha


So true...
I remind myself that everything that happens in my life is part of His divine plan for me...allowing it for my growth...That always helps me with a proper response.
No "oops" in God's vocabulary!
Enjoy this day, dear Rebecca.


Wise words, indeed. Thank you, Rebecca. You have a wonderful weekend too!


love this quote and it reigns oh so true

Tracy Whitney

Reminds me of "God doesn't give us more than we can handle"...


thanks. i needed that word today. :) you always have the good stuff my heart needs.

Dana Miron (danahollis)

I whole-heartedly agree... :)


mary walmer

This is the perfect quote for my life right now- my daughter is off to college in less than two weeks and we are both struggling with the idea of being apart.Perhaps if we can change our perspective around and see it as an adventure,as a great opportunity for us both it won't be such a heart breaking separation.
thank you.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

I hope you are WELL and that you had a great weekend!


Rebecca, I love your blog. I love the faith and inspiration you share. You do such a fabulous job of staying true to the simple pleasures of life. I love blogging and meeting new people, although I hate spending so much time staring at a computer screen! I don't watch TV. But you inspire me by showing a great balance and sharing that with us. Thank you!


yep. I think that's toally right... :)


How absolutely true... You are so in tune with the the holy spirit.. Getting a daily dose from you always ministers to my heart! blessing and abundance overflowing to YOU!


True words!


thank you for sharing those meaningful words. i love this !


such a great quote.. tfs rebecca! I love it!

lisa sanford

I blogged about this quote today because it gave me hope for a situation that I'm handling.

thanks and keep sharing

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