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31 August 2007



Tsk Tsk! Now isn't it you who are one of the people always telling us that art is not something to judge, but something to feel and to use as a tool for expressing ourselves? :) (you see I am Mom to a young teen so I am getting MY words thrown back at me when she sees fit - so I am doing it to you! LOL!) I think you did better than most people would, myself included. If I could render a drawing that looked half that good I would be pleased! My great grandmother's cousin was a roccocco painter by the name of Francois Boucher. (my gmother was born in 1886 and I was born in 1966 - quit an oddity to a few, but it explains the generational spread!) Anyhoo, he was at court with Marie Antoinette and painted the ceiling of her bedroom at Versailles, as well as several other things. The reason I am mentioning this is because it was determined that he STANK at getting a person's likeness right in a portrait BUT he was a good painter and was retained to paint pastural scenese, angels and cherubs, etc. The lesson to me has been that you can still reach great heights and do what you love if you find your own niche! I think you have done that wonderfully!

Leah C.

Yes, you are too critical of yourself, Ms. Sower. You have more creativity and artistic talent in your pinky than I'll ever have:) Yet I am constantly inspired by you to let my creativity flow...or at least find it! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!Leah C

Leah C.

Yes, you are too critical of yourself, Ms. Sower. You have more creativity and artistic talent in your pinky than I'll ever have:) Yet I am constantly inspired by you to let my creativity flow...or at least find it! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!Leah C

Leah C.

Oops...sorry! Posted the previous comment twice. Don't blame me, blame my pesky computer! Leah


I think your husband is correct - you are way too critical of yourself. You are incredibly creative and talented. I'm so grateful that you don't let your perfectionism get in the way of your creativity and your sharing your talent with us. thank you.

Sheila R

My first thought when I saw those pictures was WOW want an incredible artist you are! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and challenging us to stretch ourselves creativity.

Michelle Cummings

I have tons of illustrations I did in HS and even worked on the school paper with my art! I think your beggining are very beautiful. Just remember, that all artist are their own worst critic!

Jann Saulsberry

I am so glad you kept your "early art." Art isn't about being perfect...or having proper perspective...it is about "gaining perspective" -- at least that is what I think. Something about those objects/people/scenes caught your imagination -- and in that moment you were striving to put down on paper what you felt or saw...bet you can see it still when you look at them. I think they are treasures. I too am VERY critical of my own work...but I am glad I have them...glad I made them...hopefully will brave enough to share them.

Sorry -- sounds like I am preaching to the choir...but I really love your art...then -- and now!


Oh I wish I had some of my "early works"! Alas, they have gone by the wayside over the years... but I have just recently returned to my "roots." I was an art major in college -- interior design. But it was the late 70's/early 80's at that time, and I was convinced I'd starve if I followed that passion -- so instead I ended up in marketing. 25 years later, I have finally worked up the nerve to leave the corporate world and go chase after that passion. And you know what? I absolutely LOVE it! It is yet to be seen whether I will be able to make a viable living at it, but I am hopeful, and most of all, I am grateful to have the chance to try.

Shannon J

OH, see the support you have Rebecca??
All of us have to "begin" somewhere. I think your drawings are incredible!! Many people find it hard to draw a stick figure! (nothing bad intended, God just made us ALL different, but ALL creative, but in different ways.) You have definite artistic talent, girl! And you are definitely too hard on yourself... You are truly blessed in many ways... thank you for sharing all that you do!!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Lotsa Hugs,


Sorry -- also meant to say that your artwork is wonderful! Someone once told me that they thought the greatest gift that could ever be given to someone would be the ability to see themselves through someone else's eyes. I think that's true. Your work is beautiful -- go find that charcoal and play!

Alicia Sharp

I so love those! It is a piece of who you are and where you have been. It is weird to find stuff like that and even weirder the emotions it brings! I think it is wonderful just like you! Have a fun and safe weekend!


My dad made me take art class in HS instead of home economics (which I wanted to take) because he said I already knew how to cook! :) My artwork was not good and I didn't enjoy it...fine art was not my thing (still isn't!). But eventually I found my creative juices in photography and scrapbooking. The only ones I'm really embarrassed of are some of my early SB pages and some recently where I was trying so hard to be someone I wasn't. I was trying to imitate others and those are the pages I look at and just want to rip out. It is so important to be yourself with your creative arts! My philosophy is, if it makes me happy and is coming from a good place, then that's all that matters.

Thanks for showing us your early stuff. Maybe you'll enjoy giving it another try after all these years!


so funny that you wrote about this because i recently came across some of my hs art. i remember friends and family telling me how artistic i was and i totally believed them. after finding my old art i'm thinking they were easily impressed!

but...i'm so glad i believed them at the time because there is a part of me that always felt like an artist, even when all of my creating was done in my head. when i doubted myself later in life amid outside critism and a few snide comments such as, "well you're creative but you're not an artist", there was one friend who said, "don't listen, you ARE an artist". to remind me she gave me a artist palette charm for my charm bracelet. when i'm doubting i always finger that charm and feel reassured, that hidden inside is an artist no matter what others may say, even my own critical self.

thanks for all your encouraging words and art, looking forward to meeting you at SB.


mary walmer

I still have my high school art work also-I remember going off to college and not having enough confidence to take ANY art course so I struggled through two and half years-never finding my niche and I was so relieved to drop out when I found myself pregnant-I got married,raised my girls and THAT was my niche for a long time-a wonderfully cozy niche. Now that they are older I am glad to have stamping and scrapping for creative outlets-I often think about getting out my pencils and trying to draw again-I think I've become accustomed to the instant gratification of stamping-the idea of working on a drawing over a period of weeks is a bit daunting.
Thank you for sharing!

Catherine Scanlon

thanks for sharing your artwork!! It's beautiful!

Bee Rozatti

One would think coming from Paradise via Maui, Hawaii,late '60's--that life was what comes to mind, stress free living. My beginnings were gravely humble, living a poverty stricken life. . .no shoes, no food, no electricity, oh, barely clothed. You have to find solace, eventually you are old enough to search for it. Ostracized as a teen for being morosely needy, I turned to poetry, journaling, fiction, music, photography and art. The years go by & I've evolved with grace. . .and my humble beginnings became part of what makes me whole. Would I have found this passionate artful scrapbooking life? I think not.


I love it when I run into my "self" from the past. When I look at my high school scrapbook and I see the passion and committment that I had--before life got in the way and it got harder to get up again--I fall in love with her over again. I also love to see the friends that I had and think about the eclectic group of people I chose to share my life with. Now, having a daughter in grade school, I often pray that she will have the same ability to make choices for herself and live with them, to choose friends she'd die for, and to create things that are precious with wreckless abandon. I want to shield her and protect her so she'll have that chance. I feel inadequate, at times, on how to teach her to be her "true" self. Cherish your treasures from your past selves. They are purity. They are gifts. Thanks for sharing them with us as well. Have a relaxing weekend!


We are our own worst critics. :) I think your drawings look great... of course I can only draw a stick pig, so maybe I'm not the best pencil-drawing critic. lol! When I was in high school, I wanted to be a singer. Obviously, I never did (but I do still wonder "what if I had taken more voice lessons and actually TRIED?" - ha - now my kids just get the pleasure of hearing me belt 'em out constantly. :)


Your work is beautiful, Rebecca. Drawing was not one of my strong suits, but I sure enjoyed throwing pots!


Thanks for the inspiration. God gives each of us gifts to share. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!


thanks for sharing your art with us rebecca. i sometimes feel that way about my early (and so sentimental...(and cheesy!)) poetry and stories that i wrote in middle and high school. but i'm glad that i've saved them...they definitely give insight into the girl that i was...and are always good for a laugh now and then...and some tears :)

Tammy M.

I have recently wondered the same thing too...If I had pursued art classes (instead of business and accounting) in high school would my life of been different...your art looks wonderful...you are too hard on yourself. Beauty is in the doing anyway.


I'm at art school now Rebecca and I WISH I could submit something half as good...it's amazing work.

but that comes as NO surprise!

Tracy Whitney

I threw away most of my "bad" stuuf, too. I saved some things from college, which my girls like to see. They about died laughing one day when they discovered nude drawings and watercolors in my portfolio!


i was in my mother's home recently and found some of my hs drawings that I thought at the time were terrible, but now I see they were OK for my level in life at the time. I quit drawing cause of my endless self criticism and desire for perfection. It is a shame how we criticize ourselves so much we end up giving something up. I have often wished I could go back and re-do things with an once of wisdom. I know I can't, so my plan now is to distinguish between self criticism that is healthy/helpful and that which is so negative that is it steals my motivation. Thanks for posting this, it was interesting to read your thoughts and those of your readers.

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