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14 July 2007



Rebecca...have a wonderful time! Sounds delightful. I can't wait until our getaway next month. Summer vacations are the best! Look forward to hearing from you when you return. God bless!

Rhonda M.

Just had to psss along that I went on an antiquing trip to Hazel, KY today (thanks for the earlier post). Snapped up a lovely frame with a lovely somebody from way back when in it. Some of those old beauties look so forlorn. A sweet sadness to them that is so fetching. Got her at Miss Martha's Antiques and guess what Martha displayed behind her counter as her latest personal collection? A bunch of cracked doll heads a la Chris Brown and the Urban Prarie. It was so much fun laughing and talking with her about that! Hope you have fun, as well, at the beach...


Have a wonderful vacation! I can't wait to see what you come back inspired with. I immediately thought of a line from Sarah: Plain and Tall, when you mentioned the sea, where she is telling Caleb which colors she loves. "Blue and gray and green- the colors of the sea". Isn't it fascinating to watch the colors in the waves and sky change and shift? So peaceful. Hope you and yours have a blessed time!

Mary Ann

Have a wonderful and restful vacation. I'm already eager to hear your stories of the sea.


oh have a wonderful time.
can't wait to see all the exciting new things you have going on.

Shannon J

Have a most blessed time, Rebecca! We just got back yesterday from a week at the beach... oh how wonderful it was! I am glad to be back, and itching to be creative (just like you said), yet again, I am missing the sea air, sand in my toes, walks in the surf at sunset... oh and the exciting crab hunts after dark! "See" ya when ya get back! ;)


P.S. I awoke to see the sun rise and saw many a sunset- sat with my quiet self, journaled, and relinquished the stress of my daily world to the relaxing sounds of the waves, birds, and my children laughing... and to the sights of my children running into the crashing waves and building sandcastles, and also to the silence of their tired heads, sleeping so soundly each and every night! Oh the joy!


i hope you fabulous vacation!

i might have to put this on my computer: "It could be a lovely week for you...you just have to make it happen."

Jann Saulsberry

have a great time at the beach...may you be refreshed, renewed and revitalized!



Have a wonderful time!

Rachel Saunders

Oh I love the sea! Have a lovely chilled out time and look forward to what is coming up. Thanks for the e-mail it was lovely of you.


Oh, have a great time at the beach!!! We're heading to the beach in Monterey in a couple of weeks and cannot WAIT. I love the beach too. :)


Have a wonderful time! I love your last bit of wisdom...it could be a lovely week....you just have to make it happen.
I need to post that in every room of my house. What a wonderful way of thinking. Thank you... sometimes I forget...

Tammy M.

Have a great vacation...take lots of pics!
But most of all take time to relax!


Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time at the beach!

PROLIX from la Normandie

bonjour Rebecca!!!

very beautiful pic!
it gives the desire to go to the sea right now!!!

bonne journée!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Nancy James

there is something about water that soothes the soul (for me it is the Great Lakes)
love your blog and your work!

debbie Eaves

I have just started doing creative journaling and I love it. One of the things that make me happy is halloween. It reminds me so much of my daughter because her birthday is on October 15th and she always had a halloween party for her birthday party and her character to be was a black cat and I loved to be a witch.I have such good memories of halloween because of her. It's funny though because I'm trying to stay consentrated on that one journal, but my mind is going wild about other journals I want to do. My daughter is in the military and I want to do a journal for her about what she has already gone through in one year. I'm trying to keep my mind on just one journal at a time, but its hard. I have my table set up in the main room of the house so that I can work on my journal and be with my family watching TV etc. at the same time. I work with cancer patients all day so my art journal is my stress reliever at night. I hope to some day be able to retire and have a job doing some kind of craft work. I have already bought the house that I will retire to, I just hope it all works out.

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