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31 July 2007


Rhonda M.

Mixing old with new adds soul and depth, and is the apparent philosophy of Mr. Brown. Enjoyed his fresh take on this design principle. Thanks for sharing him with us!


Great post you two! My favorite sentence in the post is the last one.

Jann Saulsberry

Thanks Rebecca and Chris...this was a wonderful thing to read -- sip my coffee and be inspired....am off to round up some of my "old mundane" objects around the house and put them to new use....you sparked quite a list of ideas. Again thanks!

Sheila R

Thank you for continuing to share your inspirations and giving us food for thought on creating our own authentic style from our hearts. Thank you for sharing Chris Brown with us! He is truly inspiring and will make me look at things in a new light.


Thank you Rebecca for bringing Chris Brown to your blog today. What a delight! I have always collected vintage "stuff," but he is so bold in his use. I love it! Can't wait to hear him at Silver Bella! And kudos to you for finding new ways to inspire your faithful readers!

Joy For the Journey

I have loved his unique blog for some time..but haven't been in a while. thanks for inspiring another visit!!!


wow rebecca! you are just full of fun suprises! i have been a fan of his since i stumbled upon amybutler & her designs.
anyway....thanks for always being an inspiration....not only spiritually but in many other ways too.
(humm...not sure if that was all grammatically correct but hopefully you get what i mean!)

Tracy Whitney

Thanks so much for pointing out this artist - such interesting, unique art!


I know of Chris via Amy (who owns a way cool store called The Funky Monkey in Keller, TX). I had an antique booth @ a local antique store a few years back when I noticed a new dealer w/ some awesome style a few booths away from mine. Well, turns out it was Amy. She had booths a few places prior to opening her own store. I go there for eye candy and inspiration (she IS amazing!). She's featured on Chris' site. Love the talent we have here in Texas. Thanks for a fun surprise Rebecca!

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