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26 July 2007



My first thought was you don't get the rainbow without the rain. Funny enough I love the rain too, but you get my point. We're all just students in these giant spinning wonderland and some of us are just further down the path... And who doesn't love every single thing you create?!!!


I love creating things for others, especially when they appreciate it. I think the purest moments when you are creating something out of love - an idea that inspires and drives you, making something for someone you care about - those are the times the most beautiful things are created. I don't know that you have to have pain associated with it, but I think those pure moments of inspiration and creation are the most beautiful and fulfilling.

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

We have a friend who is an incredible guitarist. He plays for himself. I even think he plays better when he is alone and not caught up in performing.

I struggle when I am trying to make for others. I love to give handmade gifts, but I realy consider that to be craft and not art. I always try to cater that to their taste and not mine.

My true art is often hidden for many years before it becomes public. That is what I do for me, without the baggage of wondering will people like it.

Swaps have really increased my confidence in my art.

Personally - I love the work you have shared here and on your flickr site.

Dana Miron (danahollis)

"I've seen some musicians who are so lost in their music, so absorbed, so in love...well, I don't think they even know anyone's in the room."

Great quote!

That's how I want to be... and for the most part I am. I like to share my "creative stuff" but I am human and it is sometimes tough to put yourself out there for others to be critical of it.

But ya know, there are bigger struggles going on all around us and if I can bring a little smile to someone's face or heart... just one person, it's all worthwhile to me. Besides, it makes my heart happy to do it.

I think we should just allow ourselves to be who we are creatively and not put expectations on it or let worry tarnish our spirit. Life is really to short for all that nonsense.

Ok, I've rambled enough. ;)

(p.s. I really enjoy your blog and your work!)



Makes perfect sense to me.

Create for that audience of One...


My husband has been encouraging me to let go and not get caught up in perfectionism. That has been very freeing. I do care what others think of me, and I have a horrible character flaw in wanting mine (whatever it is) to be the best. Lately I've been focusing on just trying to let go, and enjoy doing what I like to do.

I know you're not fishing for compliments, but your work inspires me. It is beautiful.

Have a great weekend.

Wendy WVG

I love reading your blog. Always making me think. You make perfect sense. It made me think about being a Mom... I love my kids but they bring me pain. Not always in a bad way but I dont' think anything you love, done the right way, is easy. My Mom used to curl my hair everyday before school when I was in the second grade and just about everyday when we were brushing out that mess she would say.. it hurts to be beautiful. I never got that until I was older. I get it MOM!


Yes...reminds me very much of what Jesus says about our reward being in Heaven, not here on earth. We must strive to create, do, and live for God and to please Him within us, and not the world. God ALWAYS notices what we do and that has to be enough! I love creating so much more when I do what I love, not trying to create for some fictional audience out there...just my thoughts...thanks Rebecca...

Judy Cotner

My philosophy is this: do what you love to do. If it pleases others or makes a profit, that's just icing on the cake.


hmm... I'm not sure I agree with the "manefesto." I do agree that creativity is work and sometimes there is pain (for example catching the paper piercer with your toe)... ;)
but creativity also comes from humor and joy.
What I do think about creativty and pain is that God gives us great balance and grace in our lives. When we have pain, angst, worries, those can be healed by creating something.
Although, I guess I do believe that you have to be willing to offer up something to me creative, listen to a voice not your own as it were, step out of your comfort zone.


I just did two huge posts on this question on my blog this last week, because it is something I have definitely been wrestling with. I don't agree with everything that Mr.McLeod has to say in his "manifesto", but he certainly did get me thinking. I want to create for the simple joy and love of creating...but I find I am often affected by other voices saying "I am not good enough", "this is a waste of time"...it makes me sad, because creating art brings me joy. So in some ways the question for me becomes, how I can I step out beyond my expectations and listen to the voice of the Creator, and just create? Am I making any sense?


Makes perfect sense to me! Great, great post!

I stopped subscribing to any scrapbooking magazines, because more often than not nowadays - it just seems most people are creating to please others or simply because it will get published. Not that there's anything wrong with that... I just prefer the art and scrapbook pages that are created from the heart. Would I like to be published? Of course... but I create because I love it, because my family loves it - and if no one else is interested so be it. I have tried a few times to create layouts for hof or mmm, but end up with nothing - because I can't create when I'm pushed to specific parameters. Maybe one day they'll make the contests fit what inspires ME. Ha! :)


Oh Rebecca, how do you know what I am going through right now?? I am 50 yo and taking piano lessons. Something I have wanted since 10 yo. I struggle with technique and letting myself go. I want to be correct in my technique, but I feel other things. So I struggle with letting go and disappearing into the music. Thanks for your thoughts.


I always tell people that crafting/creating is my therapy. As a busy mom of three kids (one with special needs) I need a creative escape now and then. When I am working on a project I can momentarily forget about the stresses in my life. When I finish a project it just feels good.

I recently entered an online cardmaking contest. I just found out that I did not win (not that I really thought I would) and was a bit disappointed. But then I thought, "I absolutely love each of the cards I entered." I felt good when I completed them. My mini creating vacation, right there at my dining room table, had refreshed me once again. That's what it is all about!

Cheryl Dack

Oh Rebecca...you made COMPLETE sense here. I have been really struggling this year with finding my "niche" and how much that niche should be defined by "what sells" versus "what I must make." Do I make what I love regardless of whether others love it? Of course. But do I even attempt to sell it since that sometimes hurts to see something that is a kind of "soul child" rejected or unappreciated by others? Do I make things I love and then make OTHER things I sell that I don't necessarily love? But then that becomes problematic when my time/energy (which is so hard to come by with 3 little ones at home!) is used up on the things that sell. And there's a way that I feel like the exercise of creating things I DON'T love can even stunt the growth of the things I do love.
All this to say, I appreciate what you wrote today. I needed to hear it. But I also needed to hear the conclusion you've come to, as it gives me courage to follow my own heart.
Have a lovely Sunday!! Thank you for your honesty, as always, Rebecca. So refreshing and uplifting.
Hugs to you!!

Rhonda M.

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ~~Anais Nin...


I love this thought...doing something because you love it.

I was a professional musician for a longer time that it would be prudent to advertise here (becuase I still like to think of myself as young and if I put that number up, I realize, I may be mistaken about my age! ha ha!) I sang for the love of it.

I was moderately successful...and then it became a business. I worked at my art for a living for two years, then as a part-time living for a few years. Then I decided that I wanted to write and record my own stuff...for free...gasp...so...I quit the business part and set out to be an artist...and I loved it SO MUCH. I have the greates mememories of sitting around in somebody's back yard, playing and singing and enjoying each other and enriching each other. It was my heaven on earth...

I learned so much there...learned how much I had yet to learn...and music became a VAST experience for me...new, exciting, something to push for and thrive upon...

Once again, I experienced moderate success in the realm of "originals" and once again, it became a business...lawyers and contracts and gigs and costumes...and it lost its intrigue...I still loved the actual on-stage part...and the recording part...and even some of the writing part...but those parts were tiny parts of a life that was spent mostly conducting the business and trying to be my professional self...and I didn't have so much time for the jam sessions any more...I felt stifled and lost.


I quit! I joined a church music ministry. My scheduled decreased to one rehearsal and Sundays...I was learning other people's music...I was one of eight on a microphone and the "8" rotated through a group of 30 or so singers - all very talented...all with backgrounds like mine...all there volunteering their time because they loved God and they loved His Gift to them. It was wonderful again...loose...and fun...and joyful...and done with the most amazingly professional output...but with immense joy and honor to our God...

I discovered in this process that when I try to control the flow, it doesn't work. I'm a person who likes structure and organization...but sometimes you just can't build a structure around a Godly gift...no structure can truly contain it...and no temple you build around His gift will ever be brilliant enough...you have to let it come and go...and you have to be ready to go with it when the time comes...

and now, scrapbooking is the same. I have this "goal"...I want to be published...but I don't scrap that way. I scrap by inspiration. I observe life. I try to write journaling and blog entries the way I used to write songs...in the middle of the night, completely on inspiration and always transparent. My nod to my "goal" is that I document the supply list on the back of each layout...just in case.

But I do not design my pages or write my blogs or compose my songs for the business of it...certainly there is a way to be professional if you ever get that exposure...but NEVER should it be about the business of it.

Lovely thoughts...thanks for the inpsiration.

PROLIX from la Normandie

your quote is so true & I'm full inside it (pain & discover).

have a great week!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

karla nathan

I definatley understand, the creative process is wonderful when you get so involved you forget the rest of the world exists. I can spend 18 hours straight in the studio (while my husband is out of town). My problem is in balancing the creative life with the everyday life and remembering to take care of everything else!

kim b

I have loved reading all of the comments so far....
I have really been sitting here thinking about what you said and I agree! I agree so fully that I want to stand up and hug my computer. I think I am trying so hard in the "business" of creating and "being published" that I have lost the LOVE of creation and expression. How have you balanced this so well, Rebecca?

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