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12 July 2007


Judy Cotner

Your blog reminds me of a Fiskars ad. The one that says something like, "my hands can't keep up with my imagination" printed on top of an image of a paper hand. I envy your talent. Your artistry. Your vision. You really know how to see. And you follow through with it. You see with your soul. You should've been born in a different era, but I'm glad you weren't, because all of us would be missing out on what you've offered. Love today's blog image, too. So pretty ... wish that flower could talk.

Jann Saulsberry

What a great reminder Rebecca! I think that for creative folks -- God finds a way to speak to our hearts in the midst of the creative process...our hearts are still...our minds aren't fluttering -- He has easier access to us. Sometimes I see Him speak in the things that come out of my fingers and hands working -- sometimes it is just what happens to my heart. Love both...and just the process itself. When life is its craziest, I need this more than ever...and am least likely to give it to myself. I appreciate the great prompting you provided today. Will go find some still time with some raw materials and see what happens. Blessings, Jann


oh believe me, we love it when you decompress & create too!!


It is amazing to me how much of an escape working with my hands is. I can always find solice in my art room no matter how heavy my mind is. I am grateful to be blessed with a love of creativity.


The sweet times of creating with my hands...truly are a gift from the Lord!
Blessings on you as well, dear Rebecca.


Rebecca, thanks so much for your sweet sentiments and Christian inspiration! I've been a fan of your blog for about a year now--I absolutely love your photos, ideas, and ceaseless creativity. It is wonderful, isn't it, how using our hands can be such a sweet release? I need to remember how healthy and wonderful creating can be...Too often I see it as a guilty pleasure when there are a million more 'pressing' things to do! Thanks for your insights!!

Tracy Whitney

OK, so this sounds like permission to play this afternoon. Yipee! Off to create...


So true in my life, too, right now. Emotion definitely fuels my creativity, but I'd sure like a little less of the stressful emotions! Can't wait til I can grab a few moments and create...not to please anyone else, but to create what's inside me....Thanks for everything, Rebecca. :)


You have such a sweet spirit Rebecca. There is peace coming through your blog and we know the source of it and give the honor there. Keep it up.


Rebecca, I don't even remember now how I came across your blog, but I am so glad I did. What inspiration it brings - your words, your art, your photos! Thank you for sharing. I recently started my own blog. It is pretty pitiful compared to the others I read, but I think I am going to enjoy it. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my favorites list.


Great reminder! I need to stop organizing and unpacking and working out and cleaning and... and... and... I need to just sit at my scrap desk and get in the creative zone. Oh what wonders that would do for me!!!

Joelle DeNardo

I am so lucky to have found you & be able to read your wonderful words. Also to read the wonderful words of your readers & friends. Each one of you are so inspiring as well. Your words of wisdom come naturally.You motivate & inspire & fill much needed fuel in our creative souls. We all go through so much everyday of our lives. Be it with family, without, with children or without... stress & lack of time, hinders our creative minds, & when we find someone like you... you remind us that we aren't alone & we can get through it too. It just takes time.
TIME, we forget, take a step back & take our "CRAFT" we love & forget the stress, busy life, caos etc... take some TIME & do what we love, even for a short time, & we usually feel better & are able to regroup. (deal with our crazy lives & improve oour "craft") ~we then in the end, come up with a better "piece" & handle our lives better ~ once we just take the time.
Love your Picture. so yummy!
Your a special person & I am lucky to have you in my creative journey!
Best Wishses Rebecca ~
Joelle xo

Kimberly L.C.

Thank you for this reminder. My "pile" is high all of a sudden. I'm trying to remember that God is faithful and we have much to learn about this journey we're all on, but the "pile of stuff" you refer to threatens to topple over and smother us sometimes, doesn't it?

Last night I intended to sit down and just play, but the pile, it stole the energy and will from me to do so. Tonight, I will not let the same happen. I yearn to be better, like you. My loved ones and my own spirit deserve better from me.


Rebecca,thanks for sharing your creative mind,I enjoy every post.
"Creativity is the ability to produce a unique or uncommon idea that comes from within ourselves that is influenced by a lifetime of experience"- Carrie Burns Brown.
You truly influence my creativity and give me hope.

Thanks Thea.


As always Rebecca, you very eloquently remind me of the simple things in life. Thank you for the blessing that you.


Sorry, my last sentence above should read: Thank you for the blessing that you are.


Je ne lis pas un mot de ta langue mais les images me suffisent, pour apprecier ton blog.
Une petite Française.


Thanks for the breath of fresh air--after a hectic week I surely need it. Even if my actual tinkering moments are still far away, it's nice to have a gentle reminder of how important that time really is. Hope you get to tinker, too! Have a great weekend.


What a beautiful and inspiring blog. I'm glad to have found it!


You always have such practical wisdom to share, so now I think I'll go just recharge and let myself create something beautiful.

Vickie Coonfare

Such an inspiration. I know for me I love doing that. It seems life gets too busy and I let too many things creep in. It is tremendous comfort to just go where ever creativity takes me in those times. I can't wait to get my art room put back together so I can do just that!


My friend died @ the age of 37 on July 4th. Then I made an embroidered pillowcase. And then I found your post.


This entry is so beautiful and true. It is exactly the way I feel and so eloquently described. Thank you, so much, for sharing it with us!



I always feel content when I'm productive with my hands. Whether it is scrapbooking, stamping or doing cross-stitch it’s all just very relaxing to me.

Sally in Mass

What a blessing to have that escape into creativity!

Thank you for all your peaceful and wonderful reminders of the blessings of our lives!

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