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15 June 2007


Cheryl in MN

Congratulations, Joan, you lucky girl!
Cheryl in MN


Congrats Joan!


Congrats Joan!


congrats! :D

Jann Saulsberry

oooo...so excited to hear you were inspired...can't wait to see what you come up with!

liz elayne

i love that such a simple question inspired so much...that just makes my day.
(can't wait to see what you create.)


Thanks, everyone! How lucky am I?!


I just got home from being out of town and checking your blog was the "mind-clearing" thing I did. I just wanted to share with you what my favorite flower is. I know that your contest is over, but I just wanted to participate anyway. My favorite flower is the gardenia. We used them in our wedding, but that's not why. I had a huge gardenia bush outside my front door of my house in Savannah. I was teaching then, and in a lot of turmoil about taking my daughter to child care while I taught other people's children. I loved the "aha" moments, but I felt I should be having the time to discover those with my own daughter. I taught highschool kids with learning and emotional problems and they were so needy. Anyway, to remind me of what was important, I would cut some gardenias before I went to work in the morning and keep them in a cup of water on my desk throughout the day. Their scent would remind me of nature's beauty, or maybe or the car ride with my daughter in the morning, or maybe just distract me long enough to find a little more patience. (Sometimes it didn't work.) We have since moved to North Carolina, and I really missed my gardenia bush. So we planted some, and babied the two that were already here and in bad shape, and now I have gardenias again. The smell-it just connects me to something greater than me. I now work only when my daughter is in school and then--part-time. I miss some of the "aha" for other kids, but I am able to have it with her. It is a tough decision, but I know that I'm doing the right thing. The gardenias--they're the icing.
Have a great weekend and thanks for your words. They uplift me.

Mary Ann

I can't wait to see what the products of your inspiration will be! Please do share soon.


Congrats, Joan. How generous of you, Rebecca. Lovely...


yay Joan!! Anne-Liesse, been there with 3 kids. I loved your story.
Rebecca, your kindness will come back to you 1000 fold all the days of your life.


sarah the kiwigirl

Congratulations Joan, loved reading everyone's favourite flower there seems to be as many reasons as flowers, for me there is nothing nicer than seeing a little hand clasping the lawn weed (dandelion) and proudly saying this is for you mummy..

Shirley Fyfe

Congratulations Joan - you are indeed one very lucky girl . . . thanks Rebecca for such an inspirational site!


oh fun...can't wait to see what you create!
always a treat!!


oh how sweet! giving things away always makes me happy :)


It is you, Rebecca, who are so good for all of us... Thanks for helping each and every reader keep their perspective, treasure what's important, and focus on the right stuff.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

congratulations Joan! And Rebecca, I posted pictures of my Grandmother's peonies!


I missed the 'favorite flower' post until now (been busy exploring WA and having movers bringing our stuff), but love the list of fave flowers! I love ALL flowers... My favorite is a big bunch of wildflowers. Or roses. Or iris. Or lilies. I could go on. :)

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