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25 June 2007


Rhonda Steed

We had a family of birds living in our wall - access from the outside. So they would wake us up every morning around 6:30..... they've all left the nest now. No more singing in the morning.

charlotte lyons

congratulations on the guest appearance! your sweet birdies found a lovely, happy place to nest. xoC


Oh.....we had swallows at our other house that came back year after year, and built their nest in the same place on our porch...I am absolutely convinced that they were the same ones! THey made such a poopy mess, but I didn't have the heart to kick them out. I guess that is what the hose is for.....poop clean'in!!


Love the birds...so SWEET. It does give one perspective, doesn't it? I'm just loving the colors in that kit...so gorgeous...they just look yummy!


Three years ago when our beloved Westie, Megan, passed away at age 14, we buried her in a special spot in our yard. Within days, robins nested right above her grave and I found it somehow comforting that new life was emerging right above her.


ummm...is that guns & roses (circa 1984) i see on your scrapsis layout!?
well you go girl!

Delaney Gates

Oh, love your guest designer projects so much! They're fabulous!

Jann Saulsberry

I love SIStv and an thrilled that you are going to be a guest designer. I know it sounds too gushy...but I would not be scrapbooking now if it were not for you. You showed me that there is a place for an artist and an appreciator of beauty in the scrapbooking world...and I have embraced it with all that I have. Thank you...it has changed my life....perhaps not on the level that God has changed my life -- but it has changed what I put my extra energy towards...and the ability to use my art as a form of expression that will last in my family long after I am gone. This is a HUGE blessings...and (with one small additional gush I must say), Thank You Rebecca to paving the way! Bless you@!

Cindy (JunqueArt)

I just found SIStv today! Neat site and congrats on the guest designer.

tracy whitney

My SIL has a barn swallow who set up camp in their garage. a TOTAL mess! Waiting for the baies...


I saw you on their mailing. Lucky them! :)


So sweet! We have 3 nests in good working order at our house right now and it's so fun to watch during feeding time!

Megan H

Thank you for the Scrap in Style TV link. I checked it out last night, and it is so inspiring, especially the videos.

PROLIX from la Normandie


you've been tagged here :

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Dragon Flaire DT Member
Crazy french pop artiste ;o)

Jody Ferlaak

We all LOVE having you guest design and be a part of SIStv! Thanks for sharing your designs, your inspiration and a piece of yourself there. I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting a 'feel for you'. So sweet. I love your art!


Thanks for explaining the half. I had a great picture in mind. haha

Kimberly White

So glad you are at SIS this month! Love your art Rebecca! And I think it's funny that you call the neighbour's dog "a half"! Hee hee! Have a wonderful day! Kim


Phew! I was wondering which half you had!!!! Tee hee! Yes... mama birds are very busy ladies, aren't they?


OOOHHH ! Can't wait to see what your work for SIS! I know it will be fabulous!

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