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11 June 2007


mary w

I will be eating a popsicle in a few minutes-orange!!
And I try to watch the sunrise EVERY morning-its my favorite time of day-the house is quiet,the light is amazing and the promise of a new day and all the possibilities...its well worth getting out of bed for.

Kelly V

Hi Rebecca,
Your list is wonderful. As it is evening where I am (approaching 8:30) and my son is already sleeping, I think I will take my tea outside and watch the sun set. Then, just to ice the cake, I will set myself down into the grass and watch the stars peek out as the sky darkens. Thank you for your suggestions.

Karla Smith

Hi Rebecca,

What a breath of fresh air you shared. Would'nt it be nice that more people stop and see these simple little things that can renew us through our days.

Looking for to meeting you at Silver Bella.

Karla Smith

Jennifer Lavender

I promise, I really did try to eat a popsicle by myself, but I got caught and had to share with the kids anyway. Nice list!

Kim Bolyard

This is going to be my new to do list...I am going to do everything on that list...I promise. My Ali word for this year is {Play} and that is what I am going to do...starting right now..even at 10pm I am skipping to the mail box...forgot to get the mail today. Thanks for the fun to do list.


Popsicle -- check! I did it before I even read your blog. Whoa.


Great advice! :)

Rhonda M.

May I be so presumptuous as to add one more lovely yet fleeting thing to do this time of year? Take a babychild outside at dusk to watch the fireflies. My sweet babycakes, a precious nine month old first grandchild, and I sat mesmerized in wonder as we watched the dancing lights. His first experience with nature's magic and my glimpse of childlike awe through his eyes was a true blessing that the two of us shared as one...

Marie Rhodes

I loved reading this and being reminded of lots of simple pleasures, especially lying in the grass watching the stars. I used to do this a lot when I lived on a farm and saw lots of shooting stars, therefore lots of wishes! Don't think I would be able to get up if I did it now so will watch the sun set instead.

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