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11 June 2007



What a cute picture of your dog - he (she?) doesn't look thrilled at the pretty necklace! Love your blog & your creations - beautiful!

Cindy (JunqueArt)

Rebecca, love the photo of your dog with the clover necklace! This so brings back sweet childhood memories. We used to make those necklaces all the time at my grandparents house. Wish I could do that today, but I don't have any clover in my yard. So I pick skipping to the mailbox! Thanks for helping me stop, smile, and remember sweet memories!

PresentPast Collection

I plan on doing #3 and #8. Thanks for reminding us all to live in the moment!


oh i love your doggie in the daisy necklace...precious!

i am eating a popsicle today AND playing games with my girls.
i love walking barefoot in the grass!

my hubby did a cannon ball into the pool yesterday much to my teenagers dismay.

Sally in Mass

your chocolate labbie is so very sweet!

again, you bring a breath of fresh air! God Bless you, Rebecca!

Maria Rodarte

Oh my I haven't seen those little flower necklaces in years.I used to make those in elementary school. Brings back memories. Thanks for sharing.


these sound so fun! i will have to improvise since I live in the dessert and we don't have to water, clovers, or grass...lol..

Dianne Plummer

I'm eating a popsicle as I read. Ok, it is my son's unfinished popsicle it counts doesn't it?! Why do they like the blue ones so much?


I pick twirling and bare feet in the grass! Do you remember twirling round and round until you could hardly stand up because you were so dizzy? Oh the giggles! Thank you!


This summer I've been making a point of walking around the house and yard in my bare feet. It's amazing how much that feels like summer. It wakes up memories when we were kids and not worried about the soles of our feet getting dirty. Thanks for the reminders..it is surprising how we give up the little pleasures that can keep our hearts young.


Though not on your list, I sat and really watched my son play in the sandbox today...wow, they have a lot to teach us about enjoying what we do!

Delaney Gates

Oh, that is the sweetest photo evah!!!


I've been going to the pool almost every day for the past few weeks. I love it as much now as I did as a child. Thanks for the reminder to really enjoy the simple things in life, and to not let your days rush by.

karla nathan

One of my life's goals is to find a 4 leaf clover and I just don't give up, but have had no luck!

great list!

See you at Silver bella


hello darling girl- your worlds beautiful- i allways swirl my skirt....la.la.laa.love jo..

Rachel Saunders

rebecca thank you so much for your fun freah approach to life... I was feeling a bit swaped today and your blog entry just lifted me! Thanks I will go and do something mad now...by the way I LOVE walking in the grass barefoot...It causes me to stop and appreciate, reflect and be me


Yesterday I played in the sprinkler with the dogs... SO much fun! I don't know what was better -- the relief of the cool water on a hot afternoon, or laughing at the antics of my three dogs as they tried to bite the sprinkler/catch the water spray in their mouths! Thanks for the great reminder of what is truly important in this life!

tracy whitney

what fun - I can easily manage many of the things on your suggested list, but I laughed when I read "skip to the mail box." My teenage daughter would die of shame and the neighbors would really wonder about me...lol!

Mary Ann

ahhhh the simple life. We crave it so much, but so often just don't take the time.
I too love walking barefoot in the grass. Reminds me of being a little girl, running around after daddy had just cut the lawn.
Love the photo of your precious pooch. Every 4 legged friend should have a necklace as beautiful!
Have a blessed day.

Nicole Steele

Yesterday I played on the Slip N Slide with my kids - in my front yard, in full sight of the neighbors, and anyone else driving up or down the hill (we live right at the corner)! It was so fun! Definitely lived in that moment.

And the other day I was jumping around in the Princess bounce house with the girls - again in the front yard. The neighbors probably think I'm a nut for a mother by now, but they've all known me since I was a little girl so I'm sure they think it's funny.

Love your suggestions!


Great reminders to ENJOY! Thanks.


What a lovely list. My list would have many of your items =]


Shannon J

LOVE the list... I just skipped out to the mailbox, and yes, was caught by a driver passing by! You could tell he was giggling! But I didn't care! That felt good! I just might even have a popsicle later... perhaps watching the sun set??? ;)
Today is a beautiful day!!!

I have never seen a clover necklace before... What a bummer to have missed out on such a sweet simple thing... it's gorgeous and looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!



I love, love, love the clover necklace. Wow, does this bring back fun memories... I don't often feel as old as I am, but I also can't remember the last time I really felt ten years old. :)

I can't quite put my finger on it, but your list strikes me as wonderfully southern, Rebecca, and I just love that. As a southern transplant (in hotter than you'd think Minnesota), I don't get enough reminders of these kinds of things. A bright spot in my day.

Alisa Noble

your list is so refreshing :)

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