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14 June 2007



Definitely daisies. They just make me smile.


My favorite would be he violet, of course. This precious little flower pokes it's head out of the lawn and the sidewalk cracks to make us smile when we are not looking for it. I picked them for my mother and now my children go out and pick them for me. They are unassuming and graceful and they smell nice too. I enjoy your blog!

Dana Smith

Hi Rebecca.....
My favorite is a red tulip!

Dana Smith


daisy. simple.


My favorites have always been lilacs. They remind me of happy childhood memories - playing under their fragrant canopy at my grandpa's house. My grandpa's been gone for many years now, but the smell of lilacs in the spring brings him right by my side every time.


deep purple iris love 'em! :)

enjoy your books, products and blog!

Linda A. (elendae)

So hard to pick just one - I love pansies, because their little "faces" just make me smile whenever I see a clump of them. I love roses (especially yellow ones!) because of their beauty and fragrance, and I love peonies because they are soooo lush. I have gorgeous deep pink ones in bloom right now, and as soon as I step out my front door, I am overwhelmed by fragrance!

Liz Taylor

oh, that's easy. tulips are my favorite, hands down. i don't know what it is about them, but i love 'em. thanks for your continuous inspiration and generosity!


Another tulip-lover here. They're cheap, low-maintenance and love how they brighten up a room!

Lisa C

Hi, Rebecca =) Definitely Cosmos. You know the "leggy", somewhat weedy looking pink and white bunches. The grow and grow and bloom for what seems to me forever in the summertime. Love them because they remind me of my Gramps....unpretentious, not alot of fuss involved in caring for them.


I would have to say the iris...the state flower of my adopted home state of Tennessee. I love the simple grace of a dozen or more of the "Little Professor" variety in a tall glass vase. Love the collage piece...it could have been written to me!


My favorite flower:
Gegerber Daisy's - Orange to be exact!
Also LOVE white roses!

Jann Saulsberry

Favorite flower: Oh definitely wild violets. So many precious memories associated with them. They great in the backyard at my grandmother's home...and she managed to always look SURPRISED when any child showed up with "flowers" for her...there was a whole ritual. You had to stand with the flowers gripped in one hand -- b ut with both behind your back...and she would guess which hand. Then her response was always one of pure delight. "Ohhhh...you got these for Meeeeeeeeee?!?!? Aren't you the sweetest little girl!" Then there was the whole ritual of finding a small jelly jar to put them in and arranging them. The flowers are beautiful -- the memories are the sweetest.


Hmmmm . . . does Lavender count as a flower?? I love it's understated little purple blooms, and the earthy, sweet fragrance makes me happy!

Lori B

Just recently found your blog, now I have to check it everyday!! My favorite flower is the StarGazer Lily!!! Love them!!


I love reading your blog! My favorite flower is the calla lily - such an elegant flower. Makes me smile.


I love the Cleome. My grandmother was quite the gardner and I learned my own love of the garden from her. I spent many summers in the garden with my grandmother, Priscilla, and with her favorite flower, although she called it "cat's whiskers." Since then, it has become my favorite.

kathy m

I have a thing for Lavender. I love the way it looks when I walk up to my front door and it's spilling out of the flowerbed and crowding the walk way. Oh, yea, it smells AWESOME too.


Hello, Rebecca! So happy to have found your site! My favorite flower is the sunflower--I remembering them growing in my Russian grandfather's backyard when I was a child.

Sugar Creek Farm

Here I was, all confident to say daisies, and then I started reading everyone else's comments and going "oh, but I love tulips, too...and hydrangea...and roses...and lilies" :) But I'll stick with daisies.


Peony!!!! Peony!!!! Peony!!!!

Your Blog is simply beautiful... Pleasure to read!


Hi, I'm a regular here and on your Flickr as well, and I'd be thrilled to take part in your drawing! :) Thanks!


Oh no, I left out the flower! I like sunflowers best!


Daphne is my absolute favorite. It is a shrub that has cluster blooms and blooms the beginning of spring. It smells divine and takes me back to my childhood. I have planted one at each house I have lived; in fact it is the first thing I plant.


Calla Lilies - used these in my wedding and just love them....

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