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20 June 2007


Barbara H.

I love that quote -- I have never seen it before.

Michelle Hart

That was so needed today! This blog is one of my sweet rewards :)

Leslie Marsh

Wonderful quote. You share the most profound, gentle thoughts with us on your blog. I always come here first.



Love that. Thanks for posting it! :)

Beth Deckard

That quote is wonderful. I am going to see if I can create something with it tonight. I am so glad that I found your place!


I missed the collages...again!
Thanks for that wonderful post, Rebecca..!

Cindy (JunqueArt)

Great quote and greatly needed today! Thank you! And darn I missed your collages in your shop. They are all gone and very beautiful!


beautiful post rebecca!
nothing like home grown fresh tomatoes in the summer.
eat 'em right off the vine!


eikes no more again! thanks for yr quotes... beautiful!!!

Debra Steenblock

love the quote! missed out on your etsy shoppe treasures! :(


I can't decide which is more beautiful - the quote or the tomatoes. Both make me very happy! Thanks so much for sharing.



i so needed this quote today...making me cry!! i have only seen photos of you...but i believe that God put me in touch w/ you (your blog) at just the season of my life that your Godly perspective would be rained down on me...woman to woman! I hope that doesn't sound too sappy or "scary"!
Thanks & Blessings!!

Samantha Wales

Beautiful quote. Your blog has such calm feeling to it, a much needed respite. Thank you. I can't believe I missed the collages again! Maybe next time.

Cheryl in MN

Wonderful quote.
I bet this has been asked of you previously, but I would love to know what camera you use?


Great quote! It will go well with a picture I have. Thanks for sharing.


your gentleness is beauty.

thank you.

Mary Ann

I just heard today that you won't be teaching at Creative Escape. I'm so sad!! I hope you are feeling well though!

Dana burton

Your creations are so lovely. You put so much of yourself into your work. Is it difficult to part with them?


...the photo of your dog from the other day was so sweet...i loved seeing the gray hairs on her chin...i remember seeing the photos and layouts of her when she was a puppy and i believe you had even written a poem for her or about her....it's touching that you let us watch your family bloom and grow thru your photos and art...blessings


Beautiful quote.

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