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31 May 2007


Beth Bitts

I just found your blog and had to comment on this posting. Although change happens (look at the seasons) and there is something to be said for taking a good look at your life (and home) and deciding what is good and what is not, I see so many people who are constantly dissatisfied and think that by changing something (their furniture, clothes, hair, etc.)this will fulfill the emptiness they feel. Knowing that Christ is the only way to fill the empty helps to ground me when I start looking at the world too much and thinking I "need" to change something about my life (or house). Thanks for bringing up this subject....powerful. I love the wreath, by the way. Beth


wow, this is really deep and I never really thought about it until now. My mom always changed things around and I am the same way. Maybe I, too, need to sit back and think about that before I start getting all crazy and changing things up. I would love for my boys to feel that security you are talking about. Hopefully, they feel it no matter how i decorate, right?

Mary Ann

It's so nice to find "friends" with the same outlook on life as you do.
I was just at Target this morning, looking for a new set of glasses (drinking glasses). I have been wanting some new ones for quite some time, but haven't been able to find what I want. I bought some beautiful dinnerware about 2 months ago, (had to replace the old due to cracks and chips) and need to replace the glasses for the same reason. We started out with 12, and are down to 5. The old glasses just look so rugged with my nice shiny new plates. You see, the glasses we have now are some old Coca-Cola glasses my hubby and I bought some time back. It was our first set of glasses we ever bought, at a time when we didn't always know how we would make ends meet.
So, as I am looking at Target today, what do I see on the shelf, but Coca-Cola glasses just like ours! I knew right away those were the perfect glasses.
As I showed them to my hubby this afternoon, he look very puzzled. I thought you wanted pretty new glasses he asked. Oh I thought I did too. But after seeing these, I had to have them. Sometimes it's nice to have a small reminder around of the good and bad times, the simpler times.


Rebecca, as always, you make me take a pause and think about things differently. I love that about your blog. I am always so excited when I see a new post because I know there will be some insight or gentle reminder to stop and appreciate each day.

I think that sometimes change is good, even necessary in our lives, but it needs to come with good reason. You are right. We should decide if we want change just for change's sake or if there is indeed a greater good that will come from it. I like change in certain areas. But I also crave familiarity. It's about balance, really, isn't it?

I love the suggestion from Amber, to leave the wreath as a gentle reminder that the only thing that remains steadfast is God. Very cool. and the wreath really is beautiful.


I am so with you. Thinking about you today...


Great post. I have this mentality but there is so much pressure, and I mean from family and friends. Think about it -- try living without a cell phone. Or email. try driving your 3 kids around in just a nice little compact car, not an SUV or mini van. Try having a car that is more than 4 years old. Try wearing the same dress to multiple functions. People comment. People get an impression of you and it's not a positive one.

This is one of the biggest things that has turned me off about the scrapbooking "industry" and what is published in magazines. It's not about having the right tools and nice accents. It's all about "designer" names. Reading some peoples' posts in this arena in blogs and on MBs, I feel like i am watching Joan Rivers at the Oscars comment on what designer everyone is wearing.


PS. I would take some paint[s] and start dabbing on the end of that wreath. I might paint every one of those white tips PINK. And then hang little shoe ornaments from it! LOL


I'm sure others will agree... When I was younger, trendy was what I wanted (I couldn't afford it, but I wanted it). Then as I got older and could afford more of what I "wanted," I began to add trendy things. I'd like to believe I still had a sense of "me" shining through, but it was nice to be a bit more up-to-date. As I get even older, though, I begin to appreciate more and more the "stuff" of my youth, the things I thought were old-fashioned and out of date. I go to garage sales and I see things my mom used to have, things I used to have, selling as "nostalgia" and "retro" (the new "trendy"?).
I'm leaning much more toward classic in clothes and home decor - my "trendy" today is a color scheme in my scrapping... :)


I have long thought about this. I dont like change - I dont rearrange the house (we move in.. it stays there, we move out!) I rarely move it around unless our purpose changes. My Grandmothers house never varied. My mum's house does vary a lil.. but she seems to struggle with how to make it all go together as she adds new things.
We just downsized and I only kept what we truly love... and now that have found we need a couple of furniture items, I am really giving it some good LONG thought. No more spur of the moment investments.

You never know.. in a few years your family might say... "Mum always had this big wreath hanging on the back door greeting us as we ran through.... "


I was linked to your post by my sister Ali Edwards -- and found myself thinking about how often Ali and I used to change the layout and surroundings in our bedrooms growing up.

I think that change is a positive thing.

It allows your creativity to blossom and provides a new outlook on things. Moving your bed from against the wall to just below the window. Or changing how your closet is organized. Or moving a cute vase from your kitchen counter to your bathroom.

I believe that working with the things you already have to create change is the best course of action. But the true test is if you can move something to a new space and find the perfect home for it. If not, I find it's better to give the item in question to someone who may benefit from it as much as you have.


glad I scanned through the comments before posting - because now I don't have to type as much - Emily S said it perfectly for me:

"Yes, we need to avoid change if it is simply to satisfy that worldly urge to be "current", "hip", or "cutting edge". That takes away from a soulful purpose. I love the traditions, the comforts and the heartwarming feeling I get in things that are truly "treasures" to my family or to myself.

That said: As "artistic types", we NEED to shuffle things around, to take things down, to have empty spots for a while, and to lovingly find new places for old things and new things for old places. It's just really necessary for our ongoing inspiration engine. I learned this from an amazingly creative roommate who was an interior design major. She changed her decor ALL THE TIME! Not with new purchases, but with the rearranging of a vast supply of "treasures" she'd rotate through."

I have never been trendy, but LOVE change - and re-discovering the things I already have - I find it very invigorating and re-charging...

great post to think on, and thanks to ali for directing me here again (didn't post the first time I read it)


i found this thread via ali's blog.
totally makes me happy to see this.
i often ask myself about the *things* i want to include in my home- trendy and otherwise. and i love that my door leading to the garage is covered in my 5 yr old's artwork. as i was taking some of her displays down, she said *but mommy, i worked so hard on those, where are you moving them to?* i told her, i had taken photos of her artwork, and that we can keep a few of her pieces, but that we needed to take some of it down, so i could replace it with more of her current artwork, that she had just brought home from her last month of school. i believe, now after seeing the sheer joy on her face, that our garage door will ALWAYS be filled with her and her sister's artwork, and not some trendy pottery barn board or basket or otherwise i have been contemplating.

Kimberly L.C.

I read your post for the first time last Friday and, at the time, I didn't know how to comment. After a few days of thinking I would say that after I had a life threatening illness a few years ago, I found myself putting importance in different things. I craved attachments to my past, to those people and things that remind me of who I am at the core and where I want to go.

The very nature of those items -- their history and how they remind me of my roots and true self -- make them not trendy, but rather timeless. I find myself only gravitating to things that are trendy now when I need a little kick in the butt to get back on my right path, then, I go right back to my old favorites.

I think it takes courage to embrace change, but I also think it takes courage to really be contented in who you are, where you came from and the "sameness" of every day life. I certainly haven't mastered either yet... but isn't that what living is about?


Thank you for a wonderful post. You remain my #1 most inpiration scrapper and your books continue to be my favorites, even after all these years... Thank you for inspiring, always.

Tracey McNamara

I Love change for a fresh perspective.
I Love NOT the manic change of today's world.
So true: "All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward."
I'll add: "Newer isn't always better!"
We can all SLOW down, be more deliberate, less reactive, look within...


Yes, yes, yes. I firmly believe in cozy comfort and a house being a reflection of the souls of the people who live there.

Jane Hasty



Wow! This post is really speaking to me today. Change...it can be really difficult for some folks...great big changes...jobs, homes,etc. are tough ones for me...worked the same place for 22 years...same home 22 years...
Makes me wonder if I am boring or in a rut...but I don't thinks so...I am very comfortable with who I am and where we are. I sometimes have those moments when I want everything new and fashionable... if I think about it, rather than being impulsive, I usually remember the important stuff...and get over those feelings of want. Can be difficult though.
Thanks for putting this out there...making me think...and remember just what it is that is important!
Oh...BTW! I am in one of your workshops at Silverbella in November! So excited!


Contentment. It's something I've been trying to work on too. I love your take on this. Sometimes I wish for a bigger house and stuff like that but when I truely look at what I have I realize how good God is to my family... And He never changes!!!


I think of the things in my family and friend's homes that I love about their places (as well as the people) and they are the things that are familiar - that have moved with them. Things that you identify with them and them alone - or the place where you used to know them. I agree with you - like your Grandma's house - it was comforting!

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