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18 May 2007


Michelle Hart

Yes, yes and yes again!!!...I believe that we really live only when we can enjoy the daily, mundane "sacraments" that make up everyday. We waste so much time when we are only waiting to live "when..." Have a blessed weekend enjoying the everyday!


I have read and re-read your post this morning. I have had one of those weeks when it seemed impossible to meet all of the "have-tos" for everyone else. I have gotten lost in the shuffle. I feel uncentered when that happens--like something important has just rushed by me and I wasn't in the position to mark it properly. Your post reminded me that even in those times of dishes and carpools that life is authentically lived. That accomplishing those things with/for your family--meals and getting them to class, home and bed on time is joyful. I think I'll go take pictures of the washer, sink and car to create a scrapbook page with the thoughts from this post on it. Thanks to you, and have a great weekend. We're working in the yard!! (Herb garden, here we come!)


daily sacraments.

love that.

PresentPast Collection

This is such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

tracy whitney

I love the gentle kick in the pants you give me as I read your blog. I was taking a lunchbreak and blogging around a bit - Well, now I'm off to {lovingly/cheerfully} fold laundry. lol!

Lori S.

Somerset Studio is a fabulous publication and it inspires me to challenge myself constantly with different mediums while continuing to create for myslef and my family. You are wonderful! Thank you!

Rachel Saunders

Thank you for your post I have been thinking along similar lines and just posted on my blog about it. Thanks for your refreshing and God inspired posts. I love reading your blog.


yes yes yes!!! I have been feeling the same way lately! So far I have been taking simple pictures of everyday things...I intend on making at least 'something' out of my quest for the simple life!


amen sister!
i love your entry today. i am trying to simplify our family life. its hard to do with a family of 6 & all the business of the "now" that we live in.
i really feel like i strive to enjoy the everydayness of my life.
thanks rebecca.
oh yes, your madeline is gorgeous!


I love reading your blogs...but seriously, don't change your banner for a long long time! I just love it!

Vickie Coonfare

The daily things are what it's about. Those are the things we do on our journey. It isn't the but the process along the way that makes us who we are.

Dede Warren

wanted to say I completely enjoy looking at all your flickr photos. thanks for sharing!!


You continue to inspire and encourage me ... that's why I check your blog daily.


Rebecca, your blog makes me cry sometimes. It fills up my heart, it gives me the most joyous ideas, it helps me to stay on my 'path' as a mom and it constantly makes me re-evaluate my motivations for what I do (or what I don't do). LOVE YOU FOR THAT. Just one more example of the many, many reasons that I taught a SB class based around your 2nd book. I found it just as inspiring as the first, only from a different perspective. I will return to your blog over and over for these precious nuggets of sincerity and humility and other quasi-philosophical musings. Thanks so much. So glad that you're 'back' and I hope that things are getting better with regard to your health. - Melissa :)


Thank you for this post. I really needed it today.


Patsy Terrell

Daily life is all we have! It's worth celebrating.


sending you smiles on a Monday sweet Rebecca!


WOW..that is very well put. I learned to find joy in those everyday "chores" and it sure makes things alittle easier...or more peaceful:)

Lisa E.

How funny that i read your blog tonight! I just posted on my blog a picture of the little treasures i find in the laundry. My kids precious little trinkets, that make my job so worthwhile........it warms my heart and makes me smile!!! And yes, that does give so much meaning to what we do!


I couldn't agree more... after all, life really is millions of everyday moments with a few celebrations scattered in now and then. I want to celebrate our real LIFE.


yes, yes, yes! living this way is life changing!


I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I love your beautiful creations you are so talented, but what I love most are your inspiring words. Your last post to your daughter is so precious. I've had one of "those" days today and that scripture from Galations was exactly what I needed to hear :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Jenny Doh

To life,

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