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02 April 2007



Rebecca, I love this quote. Thanks for sharing!


the quote is definitely something to spend some time thinking about. I love lilacs, too, and mine are just starting to bloom. Heavenly.


Thanks for the quote & the photo! The quote is certainly thought provoking and the photo is a perfect glimpse of spring for me on this gloomy Monday. (We lost our very old lilac bush to a harsh winter storm, so I won't get to smell that wonderful scent this spring.)
Enjoy your children this week & Happy Easter!

Kimberly Kwan

ahhh, lilacs!
no such sweeness here in the desert, so thank you for this refreshing little bit of spring.
(and enjoy your week with the kids home!)


I found your site thru another site thru another site thru another site ~ can't remember exactly how I landed here! I've been reading your blog for a few months now & have to say I love your style & your creative space & the stuff you make & your quotes ~ love it all. Thanks for sharing your talents. The butterfly/lilac picture is beautiful! I'm in Indiana so no lilacs yet, but they are starting to leaf out. Makes me excited for spring as lilacs are my favorite. Blessings!


Beautiful photo! Thanks for the quote...it really made me think about some people in my life. Happy Easter!

Vickie C

That's a powerful quote. I like Longfellow, he's a good poet. I am jealous of the butterfly and lilacs. At the moment, here in Montana, I'm watching our second snow storm in a week!! I think spring missed us.

liz elayne

yes, yes, and yes to this quote and your words that follow it. this is a reminder we need over and over again. thank you for sharing it...

(and if i close my eyes and take a deep breath, i can smell those lilacs. beautiful!)


The smell of fresh lilac is one of my favorite scents...they don't grow where I live now, but I swear I could smell them a little bit when I looked at your photo...(also love the swallowtail butterfly) thanx for sharing!


You always have the most amazing, thought-provoking quotes. I love it.

And such a beautiful picture.


That quote does speak to me and makes you think. Some quotes are so powerful!


Such a beautiful picture. I miss lilacs...they are not a good desert plant! But I can smell them in my mind...something you never forget.


Hi Rebecca~

Thank you for that lovely quote; it is just what I try to remind myself of whenever someone cuts me off on the freeway, or cuts in line, or doesn't reciprocate a smile.

On another note: I know you like birdies. I think you might like to see the pics I posted today of a Great Egret I spotted today in Southern California. I've become something of an amateur bird-watcher--amateur being the operative word! I've also photographed several other birds. I love nature!

I would love to hear what you think of my bird photos!


Thank you for your calming, peaceful posts!


I love that quote! Thanks for sharing it.

Gorgeous photo too!!! :)


I recieved my quote book from your etsy shop the other day and I was SO excited, thank you!!! Mmmmm, I can smell those Lilacs now.

Rhonda Steed

That thought is great. Wonderful to try and remember how others are feeling before we bite back or treat others unkindly and make judgements. Thanks for the reminder.

michelle simmons

i love this quote. for example...how often, while driving, do we get upset at the person driving erratically...thinking what a [enter explative here]...when we never stop to consider the circumstances which might be making them drive like that at that particular moment. we (collectively) seem so quick to write someone off because they don't fit the exact schematic we feel that they should fit into. but think of how many times we, ourselves have been "misinterpreted"...

Jody Ferlaak

Your post is so true...we just never know a person's story at first glance. I, myself, take it as a compliment now, when people learn of 'my story' and then say something such as, "I would have never guessed"! After the death of my little girl, now 5 and a half years ago, I never thought I would find joy in life again. But I have. And it is so beautiful to me to know that my sorrow has turned to dancing and that my 'story' has come full circle. Not that I'm done living it...or that I don't have my moments, but truly, God has picked up the broken pieces of my life and turned them into something amazing! I do not look at people the same way since my own personal trials. I have learned what you write of here...one can never truly know what is the driving force behind someone's mood. I wish we all could see people "from the inside-out" more often. Thanks for this gentle reminder. It's a good one! Happy Easter to you and your family.


I just stumbled in here and I have to say...I LIKE YOU! I could make a list why...but I'll just say we are a lot alike ONLY wow...you are more crafty than I. Are you a trained artist? Love those cones to death!


Okay! That explains it...I did my homework and yes you are an artist...and a NEIGHBOR :) I'm also near Nashville! Come borrow a cup of sugar anytime!


I just discovered your blog this morning! Ahhh ... so fresh and fun. Your art is georgous. Your words tug at my heartstrings as I went to the archives and read an August post about BOYS. I am a momma to 2 little boys (5 and 19 months) and I could relate to just about every thing you wrote that day. {I'm sure there are plenty surprised ahead of me.} I plan to stop by often to read and enjoy, to be inspired and uplifted. Thanks for sharing great quotes and your heart with a perfect stranger; what a blessing you are to me.


This quote is perfect! So true. So appreciated! Thanks for sharing it! Happy Easter!

Marilyn McFadden

Thanks for the lovely quote and the gorgeous picture of the lilacs and the butterfly. Since I moved to southwestern Texas I don't get to see the lilacs bloom unless I catch them blooming in northeastern Minnesota the last of May, the first of June on our way to our fishing shack. Lilacs have a beautiful scent. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl in MN

Happy to have found your blog, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing with us!


You are a beautiful, and gifted soul Rebecca! Laced among the the pages of your blog are some of the most empowering and life-changing words I've ever come across. Thank you so so much for all you share. Love and blessings.

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