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06 March 2007



oh my, your chocalate lab looks like the truest of companions....dont' you just love dogs!! had little birdies--precious wrens-- nesting in my garage , but sadly their nest got knocked over when the garage door opened...heard them angrily chirping this morning. how sweet...a baby calf-can't wait to meet her!


What a beautiful non-human friend! Thanks for sharing and yes, I will be looking forward to some pictures of baby calf...I would love that!


Thank you again for helping me to reflect on those things that are really important. I, too, have been focusing on the visual signs that spring is around the corner, but my daughter and I have also been paying attention to the various bird songs that we're hearing. They give so freely to us. I can't wait to see those cows...Keep the quotes coming!

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

He looks so very sweet! It's hard to think that spring is near - as it was 2.6 degrees this morning when I got up!

dede warren

this sweet pooch looks like our neighbor's. her name is maggie and she loves to slowly, oh sooooo slowlyyyyyy roam the neighborhood. they are too stinkin cute!!! me, i have harley, the super beagle. he could run 4 miles in the time it takes maggie to cross the street. enjoy your sweet boy... i am off to find my wild one ;-)

oh, and keep makin the cute goodie you share with us!!


I love that quote from the poem! Says so much in so few words (ah, the art of poetry, huh? lol).

Tammy M.

I wish spring was here...I woke up this morning to an inch of snow...yuck!


I wish it were spring here, but with 63 inches of snow that fell in February alone, I doubt we'll be seeing spring for some time! Just knowing that signs of spring are popping up in TN is enough to give me hope that this winter will, infact, end.

Tracy Whitney

We have a "chocolate doggy," too. Our old girl, Jazz, is 13 years old. A bit slow, but still has a puppy heart.
No spring for us yet in NY, as it is 10 degrees outside. : (


I just purchased one of your books with quotes and cannot wait to get it. Keep making the awesome treasures for us and I will keep buying them!


Aw, look at that face! :D


I have two of those brown buddies :) They are by my side pretty much 24/7! I wish spring would arrive here, I'm still waiting for the temp to go above 10 so I can take them for a walk without freezing my toes.

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