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16 March 2007



You know you are a true and crafty artist when you make a treasure from the trash!

Rachel Saunders

Such a lovely idea...I love things that were going to be thrown away being given a new life!! Thanks for sharing it.

Jennifer S.

Beautiful idea, Rebecca! :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


How cool - thank you so much for sharing! Especially the bit about making them from newspapers...mmm I think I gotta try sometime soon :)

Linda Sonia

oh and a happy 'out of hander' am I. I love paper flowers any and every kind of flower that is possible to make out of paper I love love love. Thanks for sharing!! :-)


Oh how fun! I just made one and think I might continue on ... I'm thinking a wreath with fresh lemons leaves (that will dry perfectly) and fun, bright lil' flowers for my front door 'welcome.' Thank you for the inspiration!!


Angie from ScrapScene

What a great tutorial - thanks for posting! I can't wait to try that.

Sharon Landers

Just in time for Easter! Can't wait to try it. By the way, where in the world do you find all those antique-y treasures? Post office boxes, optometrist chests, ...? Antique auctions or do you just happen to run across them in out of the way places and restore them? Any tips for finding those wonderful items?





Thanks so much! Money has been super tight around here, and I wanted to send some flowers for a sweet friend's birthday, but couldn't afford it...and I happened across your blog today. Talk about an a-ha moment! This will be even better.

Sally in Mass

Blessing to you, Rebecca! Your blog is always sweet, inspirational and a breath of fresh air!


...must try this...


Love this idea!!! I used to sell Southern Living at Home and they packed that paper in with the party orders. I saved it all, folded it accordian fold and put them in there very own underbed Rubbermaid containers. The brown paper takes paint very well, use the dry brush technique and the brown peeks through! Coffee stain and it gets and gorgeous vintage look to it. Dry the coffee stained paper in an oven on a cookie sheet at the lowest oven temp and it gets extra brown on the edges like a cookie! Splatter it with a water/bleach solution mixed in a spray bottle and it gets lovely light little polka dots...oh yes, I too, love the wonder of brown kraft paper...sigh!


we are having a 'open-door,community kitchen' at our church this month and i think this will be the perfect project for some Sunday school girls (and me!) to make to brighten the tables!! thank you so much for taking the time to inspire us!!

Chrissie Grace

After seeing your tags on your etsy shop (sold after I saw them, of course), I've been wondering how you made the paper flowers. Thanks so much for sharing the tips. I love all your work.


Hi again Rebecca - your blog is so refreshing - I can not find your email address-still cant sign into your etsy shop account and you mailed the vintage tag kit to me...I would love the journaling kit also
if you would email me so I could order it that would be wonderful-noticed you have not cashed my last check-did you get it?
hope to hear from you soon - keep inspiring us - thanks again carol m.


Love the project. I'm always recycling that beautiful brown packing paper that comes in so many of my boxes, so I will definately be trying this.


Hi Again Rebecca - would you please email me your address so I can order the quote
book - thank you - happy weekend! carol m


I can't wait to try and make some! Thanks for sharing the idea with us!


Wonderful, wonderful wonderful!! These remind me a bit of the paper version of frayed flowers and I love it so much! I want to make a garden of these :) Oh yes!! And dangle them from the ceiling!! A drippy garden of paper blossoms :)


This is lovely. It's just what I needed. Lately, I haven't been in the mood to craft or make anything. I'm going to place them all over the house for a bright pick me up!
Thank you Rebecca!

Angie Grimm

I just love all the tidbits of fun information I find here. Guess I'll be busy making paper roses today (hey wasn't that a Marie Osmond song???).

Thanks for the instructions!

Melissa Snyder

Thank you for the directions. I made one and when my daughter came home from school she asked if she could make one herself. Here she is, the sweet little thing:

She is a very out-of-hand artist.

Rhonda Steed

I'm going to totally make one of these! Thanks!!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hi there Rebecca;
I have added a link to my blog so youcan see the crafting apron that you inspired. Thank you so much, your blog is such a delight, I check it out very often. Thank you so much for sharing so generously, you are a true artist.


Oh my goodness, what a great idea. I as well never throw out packing material unless it is just way too messy and not worth saving. I have to say that I have never thought of making something out of it like that! How cool!
Take care and happy Spring!

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