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04 February 2007



I love your stuff! Best wishes for your new venture. It seems God always takes us down new roads of adventure and ideas and we never know at first where they lead. :)


I love this idea..directions for life....I may need to borrow this for a mini book or something. Congrats on your new Etsy store and good luck!


Love these. Best of luck with the Etsy shop.


Woo Hoo! Went shopping for gifts. Can't wait til they arrive! Am pouting today since I didn't win the book but guess I should just suck it up and buy one! Happy Day!


Love the 20 directions! Congrats and good luck with your new venture!!

Tammy Blalock

Hi Rebecca...love your 20 directions idea...have you thought about making this a "kit" item? LOVE the idea and would purchase it in a kit so that I could create one with my photographs???

Jennifer Robinson

I have been reading your blog for some time now and out of all the blogs I read daily you are definitely one of the COOLEST people I have had the pleasure to read. Good Luck with your new venture! Love the tags!

Jennifer Sizemore

Thse are wonderful directions - I love the idea of a kit, too!!! And congrats on the new shop!


so excited to look into your new shop! congrats! and i agree with tammy...a kit sounds fun!
and curling up with a cup of cocoa sounds yummy!


Love these!!!
Wowza! More than crumbs here...more like an entire CAKE!!!
Thanks for the inspiration..again!


Congrats on your new venture---looks like a great success! Beautiful pieces---and sweet words to live by.


those are absolutely gorgeous. everything you do is gorgeous! congrats and good luck on your new adventure


I'm happy to say that I am one of the lucky purchasers!! A monthly kit from you would be fabulous! LOVE your style!

Sally in Mass

Thanks for being you! I am so excited about the book and can't wait to pour over it!

I am so working on #19 - I so feel the Father talking to me about that one!

Best wishes on your new endeavors!


Those are so beautiful! I am sorry I missed them :(

debbie susee

I love how you used bright, modern papers with vintage photos. Surprisingly pleasing.


I do love your blog...and your work...and your words...and your talent...and your ideas about "things" in general. Darn, can't believe I missed out on the breathtaking creations you made for the Esty shop. Wow. Guess I'll need to start checking in more often. Just gotta.


I love your 20 things! I missed the book giveaway - LOL - that's what I get for being so darn busy. :) I never heard of Etsy before - so cool!!!


best of luck with your new shop...i'm sure it will be a success!!!


Congratulations on your success with this wonderful collection of work.


I love your 20 directions!!
They are so cute.


WOW! Love your 20 directions tags. What material/paper did you use for the "outline" on each of the tags? They are all identical. LOVE your work.


those are 20 very lovely, lovely things.

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