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26 February 2007



Loved your comments today. There is nothing so wonderful as quiet moments when we can drift back to a simpler time, a quieter time, and let our hands create a tangible work of art that can come only from within a quiet mind.


I totally agree with just being quiet. My girls are amazed that I can drive for hours without turning on the radio. But I think of things that would never come up with noise blaring. I'm now learning to knit...can't wait til I get it down so I can relax, knit and really think!


That's a challenge that I'm completely ready for! But...what about the little 3 yr. old chatterbox? She just doesn't. stop. talking! (lol) By the way, I love the new pic of you. Rock those curls! So sweet!!

Michelle Hart

How true! Since beginning to crochet again after so many years, I now know why my Grandmother loved it so much...the repetitive nature of it really does put my mind and body at ease. Here's to quiet moments.


Love this post, Rebecca.

jennifer davis

This totally resonates with my thinking lately! Thanks for sharing.


Your posts are as relaxing to me as an hour of yoga. Your words and creations are so inspiring and heartfelt. Inspired by your New Year post about thinking beyond ourselves, I began to perform a small Act of Kindness for someone at least once a week. It's amazing how a very small gesture can mean so much to someone. Thank you for taking the time to share a bit of your heart with us.


Great post (and I'm going to have to find that mag - I love hand-stitching).
I am not so good about finding quiet at home, but I purposely leave the radio off in the car and let my thoughts wander as I drive. The difference is pretty significant to having the radio on, and I really enjoy the time to think.
However, this past weekend, when we were without power for about 12 hours during prime awake time, I was bored silly, and restless. It was a definite sign to me that I've been sucked in a bit too much to the technology that I love. It bears pondering.


Hi Rebecca!

Not sure if you remember me...Linda Wesley (or was it still Sherwood then?) in Hendersonville. I taught the photo class at the store in Springfield and then came out to the farm to do some pics of you for one of your books. My hubby and I have since moved to State College, Pennsylvania. I ran across your blog by chance the other day and could not believe how TOTALLY appropriate the Emerson quote was for that particular day. Coincidence? I think not...just God's way of staying anonymous. Hope you are doing well!

Kimberly White

Thanks for the thought Rebecca! Do you think it has something to do with "be still and know that I am God"? Just a thought ... I know I sure don't have enough quiet moments in my day! Kim

Ashley Schultz

I think your post today is very profound. I think I will try giving some of that stuff up for a day or two also. Thanks for the reminder.

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

It's so true....how good it feels to just be still and day dream and let you mind go where it will in the silence.......

Moscow, ID is a beautiful little space - and they have a wonderful little coffee shop down town!


thank you for summing up how i've been feeling lately....i needed that. jamie


Love the little stitchery adorable. Is that a chenille bedspread, to die for! Where ever did you find it?



I love this. What a good thought to practice or at least be more receptive too. I love all your quotes, they are all so uplifting and promising.

Thank you for your insights.

Sally in Mass

this is my mantra for the new year! Thank you for posting about this, as it is a wonderful reminder to me!

Blessing to you and yours!


Thanks for sharing that. I think we all get so used to just having that background noise (whatever it may be) that we forget how much our minds CRAVE that quiet time. I took up crocheting again, and it's heavenly to just sit with the t.v. off, my son reading or drawing, and crochet.


Rebecca, loved your comments today. I have recently picked my knitting back up and it is so relaxing, I can just sit by myself and knit for hours. I have knitted Skylar a cute pink bunny for Easter and I am now knitting her a poncho. she is my new 9 month old grand-daughter. Mercedes is now 14 1/2, Scottie will be 10 in May. Time sure does fly.
Love reading your blog.


Your quotes are always so beautiful. The give me a moment to pause and make me feel invigorated at the same time. A rare combination for me, and I imagine for many people. Your perspective, your words, your work always help me feel so *un*stuck.

Glorious, glorious words. Thank you!


A few months ago I turned the computer off for an entire week. It was so refreshing (and I didn't miss it, although my email inbox was pretty full when I turned the computer back on).

Great post. :)


your posts feel like a breath of fresh air. thank you.




This is so true!
I live in the heart of Los Angeles, so it's really hard to find peace and quiet. Sometimes, during my lunchbreaks at work, I sit in my car and knit. Very peaceful, very productive!


Yes Yes Yes! I so agree....this is why I won't allow phone or tv or radio on our 3 season porch. I want to hear the birds and see the garden and yard. It is the BEST place to scrapbook and create and I am sure this is one of the reasons why!

Rhonda Steed

Wonderful thought today!!! I love the idea of taking time to be quiet and stitch. I'll have to try it this week.

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