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12 December 2006



People are always amazed at how early I put my decorations up and finish my shopping. It's not that I'm that organized, it's just that I want to really enjoy the Christmas season for what it truly is, without all the hassle that goes along with it. And there's nothing like a children's Christmas program to get you in the spirit!

Wow - good for you for making all your cards. Will you post some for us?

Merry Christmas!!


Just saw them in your photo!! FABULOUS!!!


I am hoping that the Christmas Spirit wisks me away this weekend... at least that's the plan at the moment. So far, don't have the tree up yet, and have only minimal decorations going on inside... but this may just be the year I keep it simple... not a bad thought, is it?


I really hope that my kids remember years that I wasn't a stress-bag! It is always interesting to me how my five have different takes on what was happening.
The cards look wonderful! I only wish that I could see them up close and personal-like.
My wish for you is a relaxing, memory-filled Christmas with a focus on what is really important..and why we celebrate in the first place. There is nothing like a Christmas program to help us zero in on that. Amen?
Blessings on you and yours, Rebecca.

Jackie Hughes

Your cards are beautiful! I'm on the verge of needing a burst-out of creativity. I just can't get myself to sit down and create even though I think about it. I usually have a project I make each Christmas, but this year I haven't thought of anything creative or new to make. I did play Monopoly today with my son who was home from school sick and let him wrap some presents :)

Jackie Hughes

While I was typing my previous comment your blog banner changed--I really like it a lot! Did you do it digitally or by hand? I'm so curious how to do this kind of thing.


that's wonderful that you made all of those cards. folks are going to enjoy receiving them. i made cards two christmases ago and i can't find where i put them. maybe by next christmas i can find them so i can send them. lol


those are wonderful! i did 60 handmade cards, but they were all the same.. i don't think i could handle any more added stress! I finally got into the christmas spirit, but it took my husband to get out all the decorations to get me into it! I am finally excited and i'm almost done shopping! yeah


Hi Rebecca

i can totally relate with the kids thing. Every year i think i'm always too busy and the kids are only going to remember me saying, "not now. I have to get this done." I will never get it all done and the kids seem to only remember the good times, so i try to hold onto that.

merry christmas and i'm going to look at your cards now.


SANDRA de Boulogne en France

Just wanted to say that I love the way you think ...

"Mom, remember that one year you weren't all stressed and you played games and laughed and did dumb stuff with us?", should be a lesson to all of us !

Your cards are beautiful but that's no surprise !



love your cards. don't you love it when that crafty spirit hits you hard?


"Mom, remember that one year you weren't all stressed"

Ohh how I needed to read this today! Thank you. Maybe THIS can be the year!

Also, I completely understand the "gotta craft" thing...I know the feeling well. It's energizing, and sometimes it just HAS to be done. There are a lot of us out here with the same attitude. Thank you for the reminder to take the time!


Hi Rebecca-
Glad to hear you were feeling a "crafty attack"...your cards are lovely! I think I will take your non-strssing advice and take my kids hiking today...
I have only shopped for one of my kids...no one else--Yes I know this is a stress promoter, hmmmm-- maybe I'll do one marathon shopping day and ask my MIL to take the kids to the zoo...

Have a merry merry day!
Mary Ellen


Wow! Beautiful Cards! Happy Holidays!!


I love the cards. Often one event will trigger the spirit in me, and I love that feeling. Oh, and I too am a creative hurricane type gal. When it hits... I can produce huge amounts of projects!!! Often it builds up without me even knowing it! Love that term. =)

Take care!


I am always amazed at the depth of your character, it is so evident in your writing, your art, everything you do professionally.
I know what you mean about being a creative hurricane. I've been too busy to scrapbook these last few months and my hobby is turning up everywhere I look - artistic Christmas cookies, elaborate wrapping, I just make art out of whatever I'm doing. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?
You are very gifted. It's a privilege to read your blog. God bless you richly this Christmas season. -a


I made a quick 15 minute card yesterday for the woman who does my nails using one of the Christmas Fresh Cuts from yesteryear. Loved the way it came out. Your art has touched many lives =)


Love your cards! Wishing you wonderful times!!


Merry Christmas Rebecca! :)

I started making cards this year, but ended up sending out only three. Oh well. There's always next year, right? :)

Wanda E. Santiago

May your coming year be filled with blessings and your creative spirit continue to soar you have always been an inspiration to me!! Hugs Wanda


Such beautiful cards, Rebecca! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas -

Christine Adolph

Merry Christmas! I love what you do!


I know the feeling about that creativity thatjusthas to come out.Two weeks no time to craft means at least two sleepless nights LOL
You did an awesome job on the cards!

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