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12 October 2006



Wowzer! Such a great piece -- love the dimension and the color! I can hardly wait to see the full finished product! BTW -- great new creations, too! You are such an inspiration!


Love this....you are amazing.

Michelle T.

Wow! This is incredible! Makes me want to touch it with all the great texture. Also loving that you have Stellar Kart on your sidebar. My DH works them at Word and I am so happy to see them getting around. They really are good group of authentic boys and alot of fun (oops dating myself). And I'm doing "Daniel" too. Isn't this study just awesome?!

SANDRA de Boulogne en France

Love your work, comme d'habitude !
I'm particurlarly fond of the Glass Tile Mini Album
Take care


Wow! You do absolutely amazing work!!! I would love to hear more about your creative process and see your workshop. I know you have written about it and shown pictures, but I would love to know even more. Just something to strive for I suppose ... although I dont' think my little extra bedroom / home office will become my dream studio, but I can try my best with your inspiration!

And speaking of pumpkins ... don't you just love this time of year! We have a deserted house locally where the newest generation of family owners takes over the yard with pumpkins galore. During the week, it's an honor system -- pick a pumpkin or a few and leave your money in the locked box. It's awesome and the boys love it b/c they think they are picking out their pumpkins at a Haunted House -- Very Spooky and Fun!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


BEAUTIFUL! the work and the lady that creates it :)

Mary Ellen

HI Rebecca--I did check out your *creations* album...love the work you do...did I tell you that you totally changed the way I journal? Yours was the first *non-traditional* scrapbooking book I ever read...(the moments book)...would love to see each page of the mini-albums!
LOVE fall! Have to get some pumpkins and cornstalks for my front door. (have to have a shady spot here in Phx!
Have a great day!
Mary Ellen

Katrina Grabowski

Rebecca, I agree with Mary Ellen. Your book *Scrapbooking Lifes Little Treasures* was such an inspiration for me. It also changed the way I journaled . I was lucky enough go to a CKU years ago and be inspired. I beleive I have saved almost every "Sharing the story" article you have written. I love your orginal art but your journaling is number one in my book. I wish I could speak from the heart like you. Your a wonderful inspiration for us all. Thank you, Katrina


That is absolutly GORGEOUS!!!


Love your artwork! I'm sure Madeline just loves it (still can't believe she is 15, and that Erin and Brittany are 13... where does the time go???).

We are heading to the Pumpkin Patch in a couple of weeks, although it's the 'fork over your five bucks for a pumpkin, and 4 more for the hayride, and 14 more if you want to stuff a scarecrow'... but it'll be fun anyway. :)


Just wanted to add that I took a look at your Creations section and LOVE all your work! The page for the store in Singapore was my favorite... love that photo of you. :)


"remember this moment...life is very, very good"

this is SO true. and when we realize it and grab hold of it.. it's even better.


That sneaky peek of the project you're working on looks fantastic, I can't wait to see the whole piece!


wow - that is an amazing piece! i love it! :)

Sharon Landers

Rebecca, love your new projects, you're always an inspiration, but...do you have plans (ever) to write a third book? Every time I look through your first two books, I gain a new perspective. What wouldn't work before because of the layouts that I was working on, now is an idea that I can use. Those two books are so dog-eared/written on/sticky-noted! Please say yes you'll write a third book at some point!

Jennifer Stewart

Love this entry...and that artwork, I can't wait to see it. :)



I just wanted to say happy B-day to Erin and I love your stuff!

Catherine Scanlon

Hi Rebecca! Loving your new piece! The dimension and colors are perfect.

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