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03 October 2006



Ahh - she'll wonder what the hug is for, but she'll appreciate it all the same. I know how you feel. I have two teen girls and one teen boy. Sometimes I feel obsolete. But, my oldest (a college sophomore) has just recently told us how much she appreciates the fact that we let her do things without us. Some of her college peers are still overly dependent on their parents. She feels like she had time and the opportunity to grow up a bit when we let her stretch her wings. You're doing the right thing letting your daughter go a bit. And the room thing...that's what the door is for! I keep theirs closed and pretend it's clean. :)


Gorgeous post...as a mum you can never love your kids too much. And hey, someone has to brag for them!!


Yeah, we won't discuss the state of my kids' rooms. :) By the way - you pretty much exactly described how I feel about Brittany! :D


What beautiful things you are able to say about your daughter! It's hard not to be there wherever they are, but God is preparing her for something wonderful...bigger than ourselves and what we could do as moms! Thanks for the reminder to hug them...I need to do that more often! Blessings!


you would have thought that was written about *my* daughter! lol! One day at a time I say. :-)

Tracy Whitney

Brag away! I am blessed with a DD like that, too. Actually 2 of 'em... The 3rd, well... I'll just call her my work in progress! lol

Paula Martone

I love everything that you create and post on your blog for everyone to see. I was wondering if you could share how you made the frame with the picture of your daugher. I too can relate. My daughter is 18 and I love her so and do not want her to ever leave, her room is a mess,half of my kitchen is in there as well, she cant ever seem to find her phone as it is always buried in a pile of clothes laying on the floor, and she is wonderful!

Mary Ellen

Hi Rebecca;
I LOVE the photo/art of Erin...so sool!Your daughter sounds like an amazing girl..
I noticed you have a Beth Moore quote in your sidebar--I LOVE Beth Moore--have taken MANY of her Bible Studys both at church and on-line. She is a real gem! Are you in a study of hers? Curious how you like it...
Take Care,
Mary Ellen


I know how you feel, my daughter is 13 on the 23rd of this month and her room...OMG and grouch O I tell ya! BUT she is super talented and super smart, and cute as button, and good to the core. so...to the depths of my soul, I love her! Heaven just help me through the next 7-8 years!:)


go ahead and brag. i have a daughter i like to brag about too. mine is 16 and she still hasn't figured out that room thing either.

Rhonda Steed

Brag away!!!! LOVE that framed piece. Just beautiful!!! That flower is tooo cute!


I know how you feel as a mother. Point well taken, though I get to see my child all the time because I am a teacher in the school she goes to, I get to missing her when my friends, and family decide to kidnap her!


I could have written this same thing myself. I love my daughter and want her to have fun, but I really miss her when she is gone for the day or a sleepover.


Such a sweet mom story---I have two daughters, and as they've grown and blossomed with wings of their own, I've often been left in the dust, reaching out for just one more glance, hug, connected moment...lucky that they do come back home and we get to share times together. Those times are just different, just as necessary as when they were little, but maybe quick jolts of connectivity rather than the longer times together we had in the past. Just as cherished. :)

Julie Ratcliffe

I can empathise with you over this one. My two girls are 15 and 17. So mature and gorgeous. Never at home - life is one mad social whirl. Yet I know I can totally trust them both to always make me proud and to do what is right. How great is being a Mum. I'm so blessed.

Sue Talleur

I have one like that too, Rebecca. You are fortunate! Mine is now 23 (I can't believe I just wrote that!) and in Medical School, continuing on her journey of impressive accomplishments. She has gone off and is doing all that I ever raised her to do and be, and I miss her, miss her, miss her! Hug yours REALLY hard! :)

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