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12 September 2006



I love the fragrance of the grape vineyards..the breathtaking panoramas of colorful changing leaves...the sounds of Canadian geese flying overhead...the tastes of apples and pumpkin pie...the excitement of the children as they head back to school...getting out my warm woolen sweaters ...pots of mums and mounds of pumpkins on the front steps...
Autumn Blessings to you this day, Rebecca..


Autumn is my very favorite season.
The golds, burgandy, oranges, of the leaves.
The crisp morning air that mellows throughout the day.
The return of the rain, making for cozy inside times with the wood stove blasting and a good book.
The crunch of leaves on sidewalks---kicking big bunches of them as we walk downtown.
High school soccer games and football games where it's as much fun to watch the people as it is the athletes.
Farmer's markets bursting with produce, flowers, color & life. Cuddly chats with my 17 yr. old daughter as she fills me in on the latest high school gossip.
Splitting firewood while my husband loads the trailer full. (we get to use a hydrolic power splitter---makes me feel rough and tough!)

Today's supposed to be one of our last 80ยบ + days before rain arrives on Thursday.... I can't wait---it's been way too long!


i love the cooler weather, the smell of autumn, the leaves beginning to fall, the corn and soybeans drying out, baskets full of mums, football games, cozy sweatshirts, fall scented candles burning all day long, and oh so much more.


I love reading your blog and seeing your amazing work any time of the year! But this time of the year in particular is my favorite. I used to think it was spring and summer, but there is something about the cool, crisp air of the approaching autumn season. And I love the thought of cuddling up with a good book and a comfy sweatshirt on my front porch while sitting on my wicker couch before putting it away for the season.

Hope all is well with you and you found the HOPE you were looking for!


I love harvest moons and the smokey smell of backyard bonfires; wearing soft, comfy sweatshirts with shorts; homemade soup and bread; the last lazy afternoons of laying in the hammock in the backyard - sometimes with a nice quilt to snuggle up in; apple cider and the smell of cinnamon... and the colors -- just the most beautiful thing in the world, I think...

Rhonda Steed

i too love the color. Autumn is a feast for the senses. Beautiful colors and wonderful smells. Loved your description of the fall! (And i love that you have a blog!)


awesome banner!!!
I would have to say we look very much forward to trips to the cider mill. One of the millions of things I love about fall.

sarah green

For me it is SPRING.. so I am loving the blossom and daffodils, the warm spring breezes and the sounds and smells of people mowing there lawns, the kids changing into there summer uniforms for school and our school holidays next week... I LOVE SPRING!!

Jackie Hughes

I love the cool mornings and evenings with the windows open to let the fresh breezes in the house*the bustle of activity at my boys' school grounds*being back on a daily schedule*shopping for school supplies that could be scrapbook supplies, too!


I love that it is raining this week and not 108 degrees anymore (even though we don't get a 'real' fall here), and I love the fall scented candles I bought today!!! :)

Great post! :)


I love that it is raining this week and not 108 degrees anymore (even though we don't get a 'real' fall here), and I love the fall scented candles I bought today!!! :)

Great post! :)


Apparently I'm retarded, because that last post went up twice. Oh well. :D

Tracy Whitney

Love the anticipation of the changing colors of autumn. I live in apple country and it's just about time for harvesting. Fresh, sweet cider...Mmmmmmm.


Wow...well I love Fall the most..
the sound of breeze blowing like this morning through my screen door.
Yes...Friday night football games even though we do not know the boys playing we cheer them all the way! a glass of wine on my patio with my husband and I cuddled in sweats.
Fires that crackle.
running in the cold morning air.
Cooking more cassoroles...oven cooking. (as I give that up in the summer.
Creamy potato soup.
mums and harvest time.
horseback riding
list goes on and on...
hot chocolate!


Here in England I love the Change in colour of the sunlight as it goes from the bright white of summer to the golden slant of autum. The changing colours in the lake district (National park were I live)reflected in the water. mist hanging in the valleys and that lovely smell in the forests.Blackberry picking and jam making. The list is endless!!


Wilna Furstenberg

This is so well said...
what a blessing it is that things that money can't buy gives such pleasure.


I've put a lot of thought into this cow-bumping question. Ok, so there's a lot of pasture. Some of it probably stinks from the cowpies. But after a while, that wouldn't stink as much. Plus, they don't shower or use toilet paper. My theory is that they use their sense of smell to figure out where to go...they will either bump into another cow or step in a pie. If the pie is dry, then it's got to be a cow. So they turn and go the other way.

Am I right? Do I win the prize?



the leaves changing..
the apple trees,
the kids in sweaters :)
ready to go pumpkin pickin' (and taking pics too of course) :)
hot chocolate...

great entry :)!!


So beautiful! Love your entire site, Rebecca. Just discovered scrapbooking in the last year and have been so inspired by your work! ...which brings me to what I most appreciate and look forward to during autumn. The feeling of waking up chilly, getting perfectly warmed by late afternoon, and enjoying being insdie again in the evening is one of the most common and most deep experiences I find in the fall. It feels so very, very human.

The sense that we all finally have permission to nurture ourselves and each other, to slow down, to pay attention, and to nest, nest, nest are all pretty wonderful too. Minneapolis has a wonderful farmer's market on the weekends and am so looking forward to heading there this weekend too before doing some yard clean-up and a happily huge amount of cooking & baking.

These are days...


Just found your blog !You were always an inspiration to me, your unique style is wonderful to look at.
What I enjoy most about this time of the year is the morning fog and the smell of the forest when I run in the morning. And the first time we use the fireplace in the living room on the first chilly evening after the summers heat.
Greetings from Germany !


I like the banner BTW...


the prep work!
feed bunks, fence, & 4 wheelers... the cattle are coming soon!
The combine, tractors, trucks, dump wagaons, as the crops are almost ready.
love every minute of it!

Mary Ellen

I love all the "traditional fallish feelings"...even though I live in the desert, we have a house in MI and I have stored up memories of the foggy mornings; the sounds of gunshots in the fields as the hunters try for their trophys...the reflection of the leaves changing in the glassy lake water...so beautiful...piles of pumpkins and corn at the roadside stand....

Here, I am just thankful for the cooler mornings so I can start walking again..we're out of the 100's! YAY!

Mary Ellen

Sharon Landers

Rebecca, found this blog by accident as I was searching for something else. You're truly my inspiration in everything "scrapbook". Love both of your books, refer to them often. I always find something in your books to use, regardless of how many times I look through them. Hoping you'll write another one very soon. Looking forward to future blog posts from you. This is definitely added to my favorites!


I live in Colorado and I love that one day it is 79 and the next day it can be in the upper 40s. I really enjoy fall soccer season, the mornings are warm and clear just right for soccer. Also, I love seeing snow on top of Pikes Peak again. Although the snow isn't there to stay quite yet. Happy September!

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