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19 September 2006


Aimee Grenke

I love old stuff too. I can't stand clutter though so I have to choose my old things carefully. I do looove what you have done with this old porch post ! I must find one now, I want to make one ! Thanks for the inspiration.


Holy moly! You worked some magic with that puppy!

And I wanted to apologize about my whole cow-bumping post last time. I know you were being serious, but the way my brain works, I saw this potential riddle and ran with it. So I hope you'll forgive me!


I am totally going to "borrow" your idea for a couple of Christmas presents for folks that I've been stumped about! This is so amazing! I just love how your brain works! Seriously cool stuff...

p.s.: have a great party!

Susan Bowers

I loved hearing about your fettish for 'but that's so cool - I can do something with that' so you just have to keep it. It reminded me of my mom's own fettish with miniatures and how something that is 'trash' is actually - well - not to a miniaturist (is that a word!). While I adore scrapbooking I have absolutely no other bone in my body for crafty things or 'creativeness' or thinking I could do something with that (unless someone else already has). Thanks for the memory jolt and the smile at your post.
P.S. I read 'When Crickets Cry' after I saw it on your blog - it has moved into my top ten favorite books of all time. Have you read 'Sam's Letters to Jennifer' by James Patterson - very good read

Tracy Whitney

I love cleaning out! I can't stand clutter. Your creation with your "found object" is really cool - LOVE it!


oh how darling....love what you put together. Wish I had a big ol barn to scavenge through!!

Michelle T.

Erin is 13! Yikes! Wishing her a happy birthday and fantastic party. The last time I saw her (in person)she was probably seven. -an old scrapbook store customer in H'ville


Oh man! I can't believe that Erin and Brittany are going to be 13 next month. That is so crazy. Seems like they were just in kindergarten together!!! Time sure does fly! Love the idea of a barn party. Sounds like it's going to be a total blast!!! :D


very cool piece...love it!


My daughter turns 13 this year too...fun idea for the party :)
I love what you made too....so cute!


You are an artist genius, Rebecca. I love the way you use an old piece of junk to an objet d'art.


sounds like a fun party in the making!
Cool art!

Wilna Furstenberg

i bought an old rugged window frame from a guy for $5. and it's sitting in my shed waiting for me. and i know one day i will wake up and i will know what to do! i love that woodpost R! and i know EXACTLY that you are talking about... the old and the new.

kind regards


Just love what you did with that! Gorgeous :)


Hi Rebecca--VERY cute Finial Photo Holder! My Dad's old childhood farmhouse is in the U.P. of MI and it is falling down..every summer I go there and take one more architectural element, an old window or door...I think next summer it will be the finial from the stairs...I, too, CANT seem to throw away the *good* old junk...I must be able to do SOMETHING with it!
We had an old barn door for a headboard in our bedroom in our last house that was from that old farm house too...I'm SO relating to you here!
Hope the party is a BLAST--perfect time of year!
Mary Ellen

Kimberly Kwan

Treasures...not junk!
Each peel of paint (lead or not!) holds a memory...a story. They are part of a rich history...and i think it is the gift we memory-keepers and story-tellers give to the FUTURE to wrap our arms and lives around them and CELEBRATE them!


I can't believe it : you have a blog. I am soooo happy !

I've been missing your articles so much. I was ready to send you a letter though your publisher.

Just last night I read one article you wrote in 2002. I was thinking that your words and Layouts are timeless, they just don't age !

You have really taught me the true meaning of scrapbooking

Sandra, one of your fans here in France !

P.S : sorry for my mistakes, my english is rusty

kim Loewen

Sounds like fun...lots of treasures! Can't wait to see more from you, I love your work.

Dianna Fielder

I just SO can't believe she (and mine) are 13 years old! I remember holding her in the hospital and anxious about my own. Wow. :0)

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