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15 November 2007



I am lovin' those journals! So cool!! :)


oh those are cool!!!


Wow, those are so great! A "C" would be good... :)
I'm so bummed, I checked out your Etsy shop yesterday a.m. & this west coast gal slept in today...so I missed out!

PROLIX from la Normandie


how great!


Bonne journée!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Leah C

I feel so lucky today...when I went to your etsy shop this morning, there were some lovely goodies to purchase. And I did! But, boy were those goodies going quickly!
Thank you, Rebecca.


Can't believe I missed again! I checked this morning and then went off to Bible study. So for now I will just enjoy the pictures of your lovely creations. Thanks again for sharing your God-given talent with all of us.


These were so beautiful in person and I love the acrylic letter slide on the front. Where did you find those? I know we use them on the church signs and at DH's work, but didn't know if there was a source to buy just one or two. Great idea! Enjoyed meeting you at SB.

Kerri N.

I am so excited I got a few things from your etsy shop. Things were flying out if there fast. Thank you for sharing your talent with others.


love the stuff on etsy and i probably missed some. your daughter is just beautiful.

suzi finer

pretty pretty...and the books look great as well!

Emine Pala

Thank you so much rebecca. you are my biggest inspiration...

love you

Michelle Gauthier

Beautiful journals! I missed the Etsy stuff...but I'll be stalking hoping to pick up that pretty "M" journal! :)


hi rebecca !! it was such a pleasure meeting you at the bella !! loved your class (although the vendor event had me a little nervous ) can't wait til next time !!!
take care,


i read the verse from Isaiah and got shivers immediately!!! i happen to love the prophet Isaiah and his great words of wisdom in the OT. if i may divulge, it is my favorite book in the bible--i became very acquainted with God in my study of the book ;)


I'd volunteer in a heartbeat to come help you package and mail those wonderful goodies. I think it would be good fun!

Karla Smith


Love your new coat! Good find, indeed....

It was so fun chatting with you and your daughter, at Silver Bella. Sure wanted one of your classes but maybe next year. I admire your true talent and inspiration. If you happen to make any of those pretty journals, could you keep a "K" in mind for me?

Thanks for sharing in all your fun.

I'm looking into having a blog of my own, one day soon.

G'day and hugs,
Karla Smith of California

Susan Gilman

wahhh....I want a JOURNAL!! I stalk so regularly -- how could I have MISSED OUT?!?!? OK.....an "S" for me? I will email in my request. (LOVELY coat, too : ) Tell me all your coat hangers in your closet are that shabby chic??? I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!)

Annette Abrahamson

i would LOVE one with an 'A' with lots of PINK!! your designs are so beautiful and have enjoyed your work for years!


What a great project. I really love the little circle clasp with charms. That's a nice idea. I'll have to remember that one.

Beautiful picture from Ms. Kwan of your daughter too. All moms have earned the right to brag a little-lol. Very pretty.

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