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14 November 2007


Susan Kirby

Wow, She is absolutely STUNNING Rebecca!
Not only her outer beauty, but you can see her inner beauty shining as well. God Bless and thanks for sharing!


Leah C

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous is Madeline! More importantly, she sounds so beautiful on the inside, too. For that, you deserve some credit Rebecca. To share such a wonderful relationship with your daughter...the two of you are so blessed. Brag on, brag on:)


Madeline is just gorgeous, Rebecca. It was so nice to get to meet her and to see how close you two are.


Your darling girl- Madeline...we feel like she belongs to all of us a little now that we have had the chance to meet you two. Lovely inside and out like her mother- nothing could be better than that, dear Rebecca. And yes, that sweet Kim....omigosh, love her too! xoC


Oh, I am so glad you posted this photo! Your precious daughter was one of the highlights of my trip to Omaha-she absolutely GLOWS, and watching her with you, during class and vendor night, made my heart sing! She is absolutely beautiful (and polite and gracious)and certainly a credit to you! I am so glad the two of you had a special time together-and thanks for sharing her with us!


she is so gorgeous rebecca--just like her momma ( ps- you looked too cute in your white lacey top!)
so glad you had such a blast with her. if i know you, i bet that right there, was worth the whole trip & all the work!!

jjennifer Paganellli

What a beautiful photo..like mother like daughter...wish I'd gotten to know you better your things are amazing so inspiring so lovely....Now my daughter is sporting the Bella sweatshirt so I could be in serious trouble!! best wishes, Jennifer


Yep Mom, brag all you want. She is so beautiful, and just as lovely on the inside, I'm sure!


Tell her I say she is GORGEOUS!!!


She is beautiful!


She's absolutely beautiful and you have every right to brag! It's wonderful that you got to spend some one on one time with Madeline. I can only hope that I will one day have the same kind of relationship with my daughter when she's a teenager.

Shelly @ ThePinkBarn

So soooo beautiful! Nothing like our firstborn babies (except the second and third....heehee)! Have a blessed day!


Oooh so pretty! Wasn't that fun? Enjoy her!


absolutely beautiful! i am sure she is just as beautiful on the inside ;)


how wonderful that you could share in such a creative and fun experience with her. And I don't have teens but for her to say your friends are cool is HUGE! ;)


Not bragging, really, but sharing the joy, your joy. How special. Your daughter is beautiful as are your feelings for her. LindaSonia.


It was so wonderful to meet and learn from you, Rebecca! And Madeline is just as sweet and gentle and lovely as her mom. My mom came with me to Omaha as well and we so enjoyed out time together although she let me do Silver Bella on my own. Love that mother daughter time! ~Johanna


She looks really gorgeous. Just like her mom ;)



I really enjoyed meeting you and your daughter - She was so great even checking on us to see if we needed sodas! She was a great assistant!

Shirley Fyfe

What a simply stunning photo! So captivating indeed!


I so enjoyed talking with Madeline. She is such a lovely young lady. We had the nicest conversation and we talked about the things she enjoys most. She reminds me so much of our daughter, who just turned 20 and too is so beautiful inside and out. Madeline also showed me her vintage purse which I too loved. I am so glad you had such special moments with her...they grow up so fast. Thank you for teaching such a wonderful class, our group enjoyed it so much and you are such a lovely person also. I can see where Madeline gets her lovely traits from. This photo is sobeautiful, one to be treasured I'm sure, as a reminder of an event I am so thrilled to have been part of. XOX



She is absolutely stunning! And what's even better -- it sounds like she is even more beautiful inside than out.

Sheila R

She is a true beauty, just like her Mom! Thanks for sharing your joy with your daugher. It warms my heart.


Awesome photo... and Madeline is gorgeous!! :)

Kimberly Kwan

I am touched by your kind words of praise, but with a subject so GLOWING with beauty (inner and outer) a monkey with a pinhole camera couldn't help but take a great photo! Thank you for trusting me to take these images...and for sharing your beautiful daughter and your SELF with us for 5 glorious days! I am still buzzing!

(Be on the lookout for your disc...I popped it in the mail this morning!)

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