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30 November 2007



Oh fun! and this one is kinda nostalgic for me - my mom always incorporated pine cones into the holiday decorating - just not as cute as this (but don't tell her I said that!!)

Unfortunately, now I live in a townhouse with a tiny, .03 acres as a backyard - no room for pine cones, let a lone a tree to grow them!

Alisa N.

Oh how funny is that! I JUST got off the phone with my dad and asked him to not mow around the pine trees in his backyard before I am able to get over there and collect the pinecones on the ground! What a great way to spiff them up. Adding it to my list to do now! And I can add the tons of jingle bells and ribbon I pulled out of my stash last night while looking for things for "idea No.1" Rebecca, your brilliant! ;)


Again, simple and beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I love the new picture of you and your daughter. Gorgeous!

julie b

Wow! I love this idea! I can see giving the pine cones as a hostess gift or attach to a gift.
Thanks for the idea....


So simple. Thanks for the reminder :)


I too am an avid collector of pinecones and acorns! Love nature coming inside to bless the holiday season decorations. In fact, we have an entire Christmas tree decorated with pinecone and acorn ornaments that I made. Glue, glitter, ribbon, and vintage shell buttons come together in joyous harmony!

vicki s.

Seriously Rebecca! How beautiful. Simple goodness. I think it's funny that I search and search the stores for special, unique, meaningful things for the holidays and never quite hit the mark I'm looking for. Who knew that it was actually in my sewing box and right outside my back door? Thank you for sharing.


I just love your ideas, and the spirit behind them! You've inspired me to take a look around my house rather than constantly roaming stores! You've inspired my blog post today! thank you much, and happy holidays- xo natalea

Shirley Fyfe

Another lovely idea Rebecca - too often the simple things of nature can just be overlooked can't they? Thanks again for sharing!


brilliant series, Rebecca! adore the simplicity and loveliness...as always. xoC

Kelly V

Hi Rebecca,

After I read your post yesterday, I was formulating a response about how I usually go for a long walk around our farm and the surrounding countryside at this time of year to glean many of my Christmas decorations. I take my son's little red wagon and a big basket and some clippers and I just soak in all that mother nature has to offer. It is an annual tradition and my favourite way to start the advent season.
I also have many old treasures from my mother, grandmothers, and aunties. I love to unpack them and just admire their beauty and how well they have survived, yet another year, packed away under the eaves.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and photos.


I'm loving your ideas! Keep them coming. Shared with a friend about taking classes with you at Silver Bella. You're a star in the truest meaning of the word. Love that Kim Hill song that talks about how we are like the moon and reflect the light of the Son. Do you know that one? Thanks for shining your light.


How timely your post is for me. My husband and I have 5 children (#6 on the way). Things can get really hectic around here on a normal day, let alone the holidays. So we had this great conversation just a few days ago about making Christmas less about stuff and more about being together. Our resulting idea is a Christmas trip to Williamsburg taking along a stuffed stocking for each child. In one little conversation my husband freed me to enjoy this season so much more. Now I can concentrate on decorating, sending Christmas cards to loved ones, baking and maybe a little entertaining.

Thanks for your great ideas - for spurring my imagination. My the Lord grant you a beautiful advent season.



Oh, I forgot to mention what an absolutely beautiful picture that is of you and your daughter. Aren't great pictures a treasure!

Alicia Sharp

I love that and it still does look like a Christmas ornament! Very cool! You are so artsy crafty!


Thanks for the idea, Rebecca! I live in a condominium complex in Orange County, CA, that is almost covered in pine trees. I guess I have me some Christmas decor if I take a walk around my home!

Amy - Razz Pizazz Boutique

Both of your ideas are absolutely fabulous! Your creativity amazes me :) At my previous home, we had acres of pine trees with lots of pines cones.... I do miss that a little, yet appreciate how close I live to everything now! Many Warm Blessings,
Amy :)


Love this, such a winning composition of nature and vintage bling.
Question: I have tons of vintage ephemera, ornaments, etc, but this mental block to actually cutting into any of the paper or gluing the ornaments/decorations. How do I get past that? I know it's not truly 'rare', but still have that hesitation before breaking out the scissors or E-6000.

Dede Warren

these are such great ideas!! thanks for the inspiration and for sharing little snippets of making a house a home.


So simple yet beautiful...less is always more! My pine trees are dropping little tiny, itsy bitsy pinecones that I can't wait to use for something!


Lovely simple ideas! What a great exercise to think small yet joyful! Think I will try to post some of my own . . .

Denise Schuler

Just found you I love everything. Denise

So simple & sweet......I love it.

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