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08 October 2007



As a Kdg. teacher....that is a rule of the house! Thanks for starting out the day with this postive thought!


Rebecca, you are so right. If we all just the time to hold hands, life would be so much easier for everyone. I was in a mall parking lot recently with my 24-yr-old daughter & as we crossed the street, she reached out & took my hand. She laughed & said I can't believe I did that. But she touched my heart along with my hand.

Leah C.

As a former teacher, I have always enjoyed the essay "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum. It is so simple, so eloquent, and so often applies no matter how old a person gets. Thanks again, Ms. Sower, for the inspiration and for "holding our hands".
Enjoy! Leah C.

Jennifer in California

You are so inspiring. In your words and your art.


Oooooh...not another "skinny" peek at those ever-so-coveted journals. I had finally surrendered my out of control desire to own one and then you go and pour gasoline on the
obviously still burning embers of desire. LOL. Since there won't be a pumpkin delivering me to the Silver Bella Ball, and since I don't seem to be as quick on the draw as others in landing one from your Etsy shop and since there's NO WAY you could ever make enough of them to satisfy the GREAT DEMAND for them, I came up with a brilliant compromise/idea!!! (Yes, that was a wonderful example of a run-on sentence!) How about SOME DAY, like after all the crazies jump off your calendar...no wait, that won't ever happen...nix that idea, let's go to plan "b". SOME DAY, like maybe as a Christmas gift to all your internet girlie-friends you do a detailed picture spread of the treasures contained in ALL the pages of one of these journals. Oh, pretty please!!! Even if the answer is no, my dear, I still adore you, your wonderfully thoughful personality, and your creations!

sarah the kiwigirl

I love it when my daughter - who is twelve, and at that stage when mum is not quite so cool...still grabs for my hand when we walk down the street....and as for those divine journals at the risk of starting of a frenzy ladies I HAVE ONE and they are even better IRL - gorgeous!!!


that is a beautiful quote. thanks for sharing. the journals for silver bella look absolutely lovely. wish i was going. i so wanted to go, but we farm and it is a busy time for us. some year. have a wonderful evening!

Shirley Fyfe

Such a beautiful quote and a gorgeous journal too - so inspirational!


precious quote!
crossing my fingers that you will have some goodies to share with the unfortunate souls unable to make it to silver bella....wink!

Kim Hacking

I love Robert Fulghum. He has a new book out called "What On Earth Have You Done?" I went to hear him at a book reading. He is the most charming man-intellectual, spiritual, and funny. Have a great day!!!




Right by your side in spirit... right by your side.

Have a wonderful day -- and B. R. E. A. T. H. E.... all will be well.


As the mom of a nearly-one-year-old who is walking and can show you where his "hair" is (that is so stinkin' cute when he does it!!!)...I know how PRECIOUS holding hands is...I hope I NEVER get tired and that when I'm old and gray, my son will still hold my hand.

Sigh...what a beautiful thought!!!

Oh, and I'm so on board with Sue...I'd like to see what might be in some of these beautiful journals you do...Its like having the picture of Rick Springfield hanging over my bed when I was a teenager...something to sigh over and long for!


Absolutely. God Bless you during this time.


I am with Paige, I hope you will be able to have some scraps for us poor, unfortunate souls who cannot go to SilverBella. It sounds like it will be awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it.

And the quote very much touched my heart! We are all "in this together" as children of God, and the more we remember that and act upon that, the better off we all will be!


Looks like I'd better continue tucking away my pennies for vendor night.....oh my!!!

Susan Gilman

awwww no fair!! I want a Journal AND I want to be at SilverBella...and I want to be your BFF!! (You inspired me to create APRONS....next I want to find some vintage fabrics (faux would be fine, too!) to whip up some more. My Gram would be so proud that I am finally using my SEWING MACHINE! thanks for all the wonderful "shares!"

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